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It seems when I drive on the freeway the check engine light comes on and after a couple of days it goes out. What could cause this?
I would like some help dealing with a dealership in Michigan. I was told in March of 2008 that any owing amount on my lease will be paid off. 2 months later Chrysler financial dept is contacting me for the payments. There was never any amount quoted to me regarding the past amount. Now due to the sales person error I will now be paying for 2 car payments. ...
My lease is almost up - I want to buy this car. where do I start? please, I need your help. thanks, linda
Car will not start, but dash lights up and windshield wipers run.
I have never leased an automobile before. How does a lease work?
How much should it cost to replace a gasket and filter, transmisson fluid and complete trans flush.
My car over heated was towed and they tore up my radaitor and so I replaced that car still wouldn't start. Replaced thermostat and the spark plugs. There are no leaks but the car won't start even bought a new battery. It fires but won't start. Any ideas what it could be
I recently had my car's engine replaced with a rebuilt engine because of a blown cylinder. Since I got the car back, the engine light came on and I discovered there was no coolant in the radiator..the mechanic says my car now needs a new radiator fan? I'm not sure what he's talking about.
How much oil does a 2012 Chrysler 200 hold?
Sometimes when I am driving the engine just dies. The RPM's go way down and it just dies. I am able to get to the side of the road and restart it but it's very frustrating.
Where is the "forgotten filter" or the cabin filter located on my Chrysler 200?
Where is the blower resistor located on my Chrysler 200? I need replace it.
What oil does a 2013 Chrysler 200 use, synblend or conventional?
Where is the IPC bus cable located on my 2000 Chrysler 200? I am having trouble with the gauges and believe the cable needs to be replaced.
My '05 Chrysler 200 turbo convertible needs a new motor. Is it possible to put a standard (non turbo) motor in place of the turbo? The body and interior are in good shape, is it worth it to replace the motor? The mechanic said it would be $1800+- to rebuild it or $3000 to replace the motor with a new turbo motor. That sounds like a bit much for a new ...
I have water leaking on the drivers side of my 2007 Chrysler 200. Where could it be leaking from?
Hi,i drove my 2012 Chrysler 200 as usual everyday and got home and parked it. 20 Min. later I tried to go pick up something to eat and it wouldn't start. I've had the battery tested, new starter put in and even the alternator tested. Im 6 months pregnant and losing my mind along with money. Please help!
How many miles before an oil change and what kind recommended for a Chrysler 200?
What kind of oil does a 2012 Chrysler 200 take?
The check engine light came on in my Chrysler 200, and says "dec" not really sure what that means. Any thoughts?
Should I put a fuel system cleaning agent in my Chrysler 200 gas tank? An auto repair shop was up selling me with the suggestion that I needed a fuel induction Service. Mileage is 110,200, I don't have any rough idle, the vehicle doesn't have the speediest acceleration being an older car but there's no noticeable hesitation. No back fires and no engine ...
Hooked up battery cable on my Chrysler 200 now car wont start, do not hear fuel pump, cranks over but no start.
Why does the 2012 Chrysler 200 have 2 thermostats?
A red dot on the dashboard on my Chysler 200. What does it mean?
Looking at changing the tire size on my Town & Country to 205s, instead of the standard 215s. Is this a wise decision, or will it cause problems? Interested to see what your experts say...
What oil does my car use conventional or synblend?
For some reason my trunk opens on its own. Usually when I pressed the clicker once to open it, only the drivers door would open. Now the Driver and the Hatch back open. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen all the time! so I have been using the key. But every time I get out I have to make sure that it's locked because sometimes, out of nowhere it ...
The positive cable for the battery is fried and I've gotten a new battery and positive cable but don't know how to replace the cable. I see the connection for the battery but how do you get the rest of the positive cable off and put the cable on? I need to be shown the whole process please. Thank you
Hi! When I drive it feels like the power steering has gone out, it's really hard to turn right and left. However, when we took everything apart the pump was working. So we took off the reservoir, cleaned out the filter, and flushed the system. It's still not working. In fact it seems like the whining(when I turn) has gotten worse. Can it be the rack and ...
What type of oil does it take?
I have a 1989 Dodge Caravan. There is a fuse box inside under steering wheel... What do the fuses go to?

What type of oil should I use besides Chrysler brand

How many qts. of fuild In tranny

dear sirs, I live in Iraq -basra , I have chrysler c200 limited model 2015 engine 2400 multi air .which type of engine oil should I use concerning velocity? Is it always w0-20 negardesi weather condition. regards

What type of oil does the 2013 Chrysler 200 use?

Every time I go to crank up the car , it won’t start or crank . All of the lights are on . Key fob has a new battery . It won’t start...

Car wouldn’t start replaced battery. When hooking up positive battery cable sparks.

What will happen if you accidentally put 5w30 in the car instead of 5w20

My heat is only at 1/4 power. Basically my driver side vent is the only one blowing hot air the others pretty much cold. I have no clue.

What kind of oil filter to I get for a synthetic blend change.

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