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How can I find the best body shop for repairs?
I'm 62, retiring,want to buy a new car($30,000 or less-cash). Plan to drive across country(Sea-Ohio). Appreciate suggestions. My concerns: safety,mileage,maintainence. Thanks.
I am thinking abut buying my neighbor's 1999 Buick with 40K miles. However, it has been sitting in the driveway for a year or two. I know it hasn't been driven, and I have never seen them start it. They took good care of it before her mother became unable to drive, but it has just been sitting ever since. I have always heard that is bad for a car, but ...
Hi Patty, I am interested in getting into the auto technician field. Do you have any interesting facts on how woman technicians have increased? What their pay levels range, etc? Thanks, Arika
I have 2004 buick century. This winter I have been having trouble in getting proper heat output from the heater. What could be wrong
white slugde in block, on buick century 97.Oil is frying inside .
How often do I service my buick century?
I bought a battery for my 91 Buick Century. What steps do I follow to take the old one out and put the new one in safely and correctly? I have most tools but no experience.
I have a 1998 Buick century. I got it 2nd hand with very low mileage. Ever since I have had it; the brakes grab and many times squeal when it rains whether or not I drive in puddles, even backing out of my drive causes this. I had brand new brakes done late last year and they turned the rotors but; I still get the same effects and it almost seems worse when ...
About a year ago (?) the odometer reading on my dashboard "disappeared". I was told it was the cluster that needed to be replaced, and that it would cost me $500. He also said it probably was not worth it to have it replaced, and I did not have the money, so I never did. Now, I have to get a smog check, and I went to a test-only center. The guy there ...
My car will not hold a charge overnight. How would I know if it is the alternator? The battery seems ok...all the lights come on.
Is there a standard number of revolutions for a tie rod end? If not about how many. The vehicle has 118,000 miles on it.
My6 wheels are squealing when I apply the brakes. I took the car to a mechanic and he checked it and could find nothing wrong and said maybe dust got in them. This doesn't seem right although he has been my mechanic for years. Is this true about the dust?
I recently changed my spark plugs and wires. I got a check engine light and on my carmd I got a indication spark plug 6 had a problem. Problem was the wire came off while driving short distance. I put the plug wire on and disconnected my negative battery terminal to get rid of check engine light. My carmd still gives me a yellow light and suggests ...
How much rolling resistance for 775/15 tires in foot pounds per various speeds? I understand it is about 1.5% times vehicle weight. Can you give me three points (30mph, 60mph and 80mph)? Thank you.
I have a 1987 Buick century 4 cylinder. It is running really rough. If I keep my foot on the gas a little it runs fine but when I take my foot off gas it seems as if it wants to cut off. I know the spark plugs are good. Any help would be appreciated.
Dealer says if we rotate our wheels the tire pressure monitors will not work at all. Is there a way to reprogram them; or will they read only in the wrong wheel position? Dealer service says it has to be done with their equiptment. Thank You Linda Davidson
my 2000 buick century custom had a alternator problem i replace it with a new one change the battery wires and it wont charge what can that be ?
My buicks dome light, rear view mirror and odometer and gas gauge do not work. What do I do next?
Hello, I just recently read about reason why the battery wasn't holding a charge overnight. It happened that the trunk couldn't open. so it was modified not sure exactly what was done to it but I believe that is the reason the battery is draining. Could you please let me know if there is a way to disconnect the trunk light from turning on? Any help would be ...
My fuel pump and water pump and gaskets have been replaced about a year or so ago. I do not drive a lot but suddenly the water overflow container loses all the extra water and I have oil leaks which cause smoking when I drive. Is there a product I can put in the oil and water container to prevent leaks? I have no money for costly repairs. Thanks
When I start the defrost in the morning sometimes it warms up, but as you start driving it starts to blow out colder air. What could cause this?
while driving I can hear water sloshing around behind the dash. I checked the drain in the engine area and it seemed to be clear, sounds like an aquarium.
My antilock light is on all the time while Im driving.I fix my brake last week,And still the light on.
How much should it cost to replace the transmission. All transmissions are rebuilted due to the age of the car. It's for a Buick Century 1997.
I have seen all the different colors of oils. I am leaking or burning the engine oil. I don't see it on the ground or the manifold or any where. But every 3 months I have to put oil in the car. I have taken it to 3 diferent mechanics and they said they don't know. Please tell me where is my oil going?
AC does not work , compressor is not engaging . I want to add air conditioning but can not locate port to add air conditioning fluid. Where is the port located.
When I turn on my A/C unit of my Buick Century, why do I have cold air on passenger side and hot air on drivers side?
I have a 2000 Buick Century with about 150,000 miles on it. It has been relatively trouble free. Recently, the "low coolant" light began to come on. I took the car into a garage where I was told there was oil in the coolant and the sensor had been compromised. The cooling system was flushed and cleaned and a new sensor installed. The "low coolant" ...
My LED lights in my speedometer and heat/ac does not work on my 2000 Buick Century. The dash lights are working and the Buick Century is running great. What could be the problem?
Water mixed with oil. What is the best way to clean engine on my Buick Century?
I'm doing my own work on my 2002 Buick Century. One of the lights under the mirror, guessing the dome light and not the map light, has gone out. How do I get it out without setting an electric fire to my car?
I'm lifelong New Yorker who just took big job at a VT college (professor plus management); am a driver but snow is hassle! College is 15 minutes from my home, and also want to get to gym nearby without worrying about weather. Have a big old 2004 Buick, now considering 4-wheel mid level priced "tank" - what do you recommend? Pls no "old lady/soccer ...
The heater and A/C will not blow out any air in my 1996 Buick Century
My Buick Century hazard lights (rear only) will not turn off. The dash lights don't blink, the front lights don't blink, but I hear the clicking inside and the rear lights blink constantly unless my breaks or turn signals are on. ?????
Replaced bulbs on girl friends Buick Century with leds 194 bulbs and 3157s on outside exterior lights. Now car won't start or crank? Does the system look for loads on bulbs to start or is a fuse blown?
Flashers work all the time on my Buick Century. They are on when going down the road with the switch off.
My Buick Century just cuts off when l make a complete stop.
I have a line hanging under my car. Its in the back on the passenger side. Its old and it rotted off a cylinder part. The line looks like a vac line, it has a "t" that's supposed to be connected to both sides of the cylinder piece.. The side that's not rotted looks to be connected to the frame itself... Can you tell me what the cylinder part is and does it ...
I have a 1987 buick century 4 cylander and need to know what the firing order is?
Got a 1 hr check over done prior to selling car. States oil leaks at oil pan area and "engine wash and add dye to diagnose further/noted dye on ac compressor area possible leak. Leak test noted. I dont see any oil in the driveway so how significant is that finding? Also, I know the Buick Century has a history of the manifold gaskets going bad and ...
I have a 1998 Buick Park Avenue my heat is not working blower not working . Defrost is not working
Our Buick is leaking in the rear right passenger floor board when it rains. This started 12/28/2015. When I went a small incline at the end of our street, I could hear water rushing to the front of the car on the right side. Any ideas? Thanks
Hi & Thank you, ok blower fan for heat not working took blower off FOUND THE DUCT WORK CHALK FULL OF SNOW & ICE problem is we haven't had enough snow to cause this, don't know what could cause this do you ?Cooked the blower motor cause it was frozen in place i'll buy another one only do not want repeat. Thank you, best regards, paul p.s. 4cyl 2.2l
I just bought a car that has been sitting for a year. I open the radiator and the fluid is a brown color. I have roughly 20 miles to drive. Will this hurt the engine? Or should I get it towed? The heat works. I ran the engine for about an hour before realizing about the brown in the radiator. I don't want to drive it if I'm going to damage. So my question ...
how do I change the courtesy light above the back doors they push on and push off
My car runs just fine most the time and recently it just turns off randomly after 15 mins it'll start back up and come on with no problem when it does it the battery and oil light comes on
Where is the low side port on a 2004 Buick Century? Also what level am I looking for on the gauge when adding refrigerant?
The fan for the ac and heater does not come on. the defrost does not work. The only heat if I go a distance is from the vent. I would like to try and fix it on my own and am on a limited income so a mechanic is sorta not an option. thank you
the speedometer does not work, and the transmission will not shift. I changed speed sensor, wiring to the cruise control, and cruise control module, what next?
How much should a tune-up cost?
I have a 1992 Buick Century. The instrument panel light does not come on and the rear parking lights do not burn when the light switch is on. What is wrong?
I have a 1992 Buick Century. The instrument panel lights and the rear parking lights will not come on
I have a 1992 Buick Century. The parking lights will not come on when you turn the light switch on. The instrument panel lights also will not work. What do I need to do to get these to operate?
The ac / heating fan does not come on.
I have a 1998 buick century ac compressor brand new but it's a 1999 compressor. it kicks on and off when it wants, don't know what's causing the problem. I've checked relay and blend doors, both sides were working, but now only the passenger side works when it does kick on. Is it ok to put a 1999 buick century ac compressor on a 1998 buick century and not ...

Cant get spark to plug's. Wont start, but was until i shut it off, and then would'nt start back up no spark.

How do you change the positive battery cable? Auto Zone said i can no longer buy them there, and I need to go to a salvage that true, or where can i buy one at?

Have a bulb problem. In a two year period, have gone through 3 headlight changes, 4 brake light bulbs, several turn signal lights. Average lamp seems to be about 6 months! any suggestions?

Why wont my Buick start after it ran hot? It turns like it's trying to crank. Is it because it's still hot? I didn't blow the motor. It's not knocking. Can't be gas line. I turned the the car on and listen for that.

What parts are need for a tune up minor/major


The instrument panel on the dash for the transmission doesn't light up so I can't see what gear I'm in. Thank you

My rear view mirror came off how do you fix the mirror connector

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