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with the carmd it states 3 vehicles per month,does that mean each month you can input 3 more vehicles that are not the same as the prior months and is there a fee for the repots
My gf was told by several people to put hot water on her car door locks to open it up. I say this is a bad ideal what do you advise please?
Should I learn to drive a stick shift? I work in the automotive industry and confessing that I don' know how to drive stick has raised more than a few eyebrows among my enthusiasts peers. None of our cars have stick. My SO would be willing to learn but I'm concerned about some our our regular long drives into SLOW-moving LA traffic.
When leasing a car, is there a rate that I should be asking about, just like for financing. Trying to understand what I need to factor in. - Mary Ann
Hello: I have a BMW X3 which only has about 5k miles on it. Several weeks ago the indicator light came on showing that I needed to have it serviced soon. I called BMW because it seemed like it was too soon since the car has so few miles. They said that it could be that the gas cap was not properly put back on and that the light comes up for several ...
I have 3 children all using booster seats. Where can I buy 3 boosters that will fit into my bmw 530i simultaneously?
Hi I have a young child and wanted to know if it is still possible to get a convertible. Also is there an alternative, a smart alternative to the minivan.
Hi, Can you please provide me some information regarding local BMW certified car mechanics in lansing area,MI. I dont want to go to the dealer /showroom as they charge incredibly high amounts on everything. Thanks
I need an inspection II on my 93 BMW. Is their a BMW repair facility in Vacaville? Thanks Cheryl
one month ago we put in a new radiator because the rad fluid kept leaking out. We actually did not see the damaged rad but were told that was the problem and paid for the repair. The smell of antifreeze was evident since the replacement, but it was thought that some was spilled and was burning off. It was never mentioned to the mechanic, but as a general ...
I bought a used 2004 BMW convertible. Do I need to water proof the top??
Patty, The temperature gauge on my BMW has been swaying from cold to hot and my heater puts out warm air at times. What could be the problem and how much can I expect to pay? Also is it necessary to visit a BMW dealer for this service? Thanks, Shawn NC
My 1995 BMW car comes up with EML lights with other lights like ABS. Can you please tell me what might be the reason. And how much it may cost me to get it fixed.
I purchased a car from an individual (he purchased it from an auction for dealers )and did not get the title or proper bill of sale. now I cannot get the car registered and the person will not get the title, so what can I do to get the car registered so I can drive it?

Hi my bmw has started making a juddering when a accelerating and hesitating to accelerate, also a shaking when I’m stationary position

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BMW 1 Series Coupe Certified Listings
Mount Dora, FL

Euro Motors
Orlando, FL

Atlantic Auto World
Orlando, FL

JB Import Automotive Repair
St. Petersburg, FL

AutoWorks of Tampa
Tampa, FL

Bexley Automotive
Bexley, OH

Wrench Werks
Honolulu, HI

Eurozone Motors
Los Angeles, CA

DJ Foreign Auto Care
Minneapolis, MN

101 European
Solana Beach, CA

German Motors
Sacramento, CA

Carmine's Import Service
Kernersville, NC

Eurwerks, LLC
Nashville, TN

Scott's Automotive Specialties, Inc.
Rockville, MD

BMW of San Antonio - Principle Auto
San Antonio, TX

BMW of Corpus Christi - Principle Auto
Corpus Christi, TX

Mechanics Direct
Lowell, MA

Bimmer Rescue
Richmond, VA

ABR Houston
Spring, TX

Horizon Auto Center
Rockwall , TX

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