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Zig Ziglar Partners with to Help Auto Dealers Build Relationships with Women

Published Mar 20th 2008, 6:20pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Press Releases

SARASOTA, FL (March 18, 2008) – Zig Ziglar, recognized as the leading motivational speaker in the U.S., has endorsed, and will partner, with, Inc., the premier automotive advice web site for women. He will contribute a “Ziglar Virtual Training” sales training component and “Strategies for Success” Motivational Training for dealers enrolled in the Certified Female Friendly training program. Dealerships will also have access to the full Ziglar Sales and Motivational Library at a discounted price.

“The partnership between Ziglar and leverages the ability of two world class companies to equip salespeople and consumers to excel. By speaking their customer’s language, dealers can deliver true value to car buyers, 80% of whom are now women.” Tom Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar

Ziglar VT will provide sales training to improve employee performance and confidence to bridge the gap between employee skill building and performance, and to increase dealership profitability. Zig Ziglar is an amazing person who knows how to help people become successful; his track record for sales motivation and sales success is unparalleled.

“I have been a student of Zig Ziglar for over 15 years, so having him endorse and add his unique brand of sales training to our certification program is a dream come true,” explains Peter Martin, CEO. “His philosophy of, ‘You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want’ has shaped my personal and professional life.”

In January introduced a new Web-based training portal, powered by LightspeedVT, to provide online interactive training. The new technology that incorporates video training segments with online testing enables dealers to more effectively earn the Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly designation. A designation that dealers can incorporate into their advertising and marketing to help identify their dealership as a Female Friendly this is important because according to CarMax survey of over 9,800 women said purchasing a vehicle remains a hassle. Dealers are recognizing the importance of providing better customer service and currently over two thousand employees at 170 dealerships across the country are enrolled and utilizing the innovative training system.

Women are the fastest growing and most influential segment of the car buying market for both sales and service. offers a turn-key sales and marketing certification program to help dealerships build relationships with female automotive consumers. Specifically, the program helps dealership employees improve communication and sales skills, and increase loyalty and retention of female customers.

About, Inc. (
Ask Patty provides female consumers with a wide range of automotive information, plus the opportunity to submit questions about car buying, selling, repair and maintenance to a panel of over 65 of the Top Female Automotive Experts. The Advisory Panel, which is headed up by Deborah Renshaw - professional NASCAR driver, is comprised of women who hold various leadership positions in the automotive industry. Web site visitors can also share and discuss their car buying experiences with other female consumers. Women can submit comments, add car reviews and ask questions directly to AskPatty at

Women purchase over 65% of all vehicles sold in the United States each year and influence 85% of the buying decisions. Women spend over $80 billion on purchases, maintenance and service each year. Yet shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers, or for women who have had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership. is a member and corporate sponsor of the Women's Automotive Association International based in Detroit, MI, (, on the Women's Board of the Car Care Council, (, a SEMA member ( and a member of the SEMA Business Women's Networking Group.

About Ziglar:
Zig Ziglar’s internationally recognized personal development techniques, combined with Ziglar’s expanded tailored performance enhancement solutions, is a winning combination that has resulted in Ziglar mentoring a diverse client base including Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. Government agencies, small- and mid-sized businesses, schools and non-profit agencies, and automobile dealerships.
Ziglar is uniquely equipped to work with organizations to assess needs, identify strengths, and design curricula that serve each client’s unique circumstance. His approach works in tandem to maintain brand equity and uphold the ideals and vision each company embraces. With many available program designs, Ziglar has a performance enhancement solution for virtually every need.
The Ziglar Corporation traces its roots back to 1970 when founder Zig Ziglar opened the doors of his first company, “Zigmanship Institute.” As a presenter, Mr. Ziglar experienced significant recognition and quickly became a featured speaker in high demand. Traveling millions of miles and speaking on every continent, he shared a message of hope and inspiration, teaching sales skills and leadership practices. In 1977, his company evolved to become “The Zig Ziglar Corporation.” During the ensuing 10 years, the staff grew to more than 75 to support the increasing demand for principle-based training that led to creating a corporate training division. Content developers and additional speakers were employed to produce several facilitator-based programs as well as open enrollment seminars.

Zig Ziglar's corporation is built upon the same philosophy he expounds to his audiences - hard work, common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity. Mr. Ziglar has written twenty-six celebrated books on personal growth, leadership, sales, faith, family and success, including See You at the Top, Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World, Top Performance, Courtship After Marriage, Over the Top and Secrets of Closing the Sale.

Peter Martin
Founder & CEO
PH: 941 907 3987

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