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Your LAST Chance to Focus on the Music and Win Free Gas, iTunes, and Apple iPod Nanos!

Published May 15th 2008, 10:23pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Kimseanabutton So Kim and Seana, those two music-loving Ford-focus-travelling- Sync-using singer songwriters have assembled all their travel adventure videos at a giant Kim and Seana YouTube video page (, and have offered our readers another chance to win some more cool prizes.

It’s been several months since Kim and Seana began their journey, and along the way, they posted dozens of webisodes and oodles of informal blogs documenting their drama as they drove around the nation pursuing music and fun, traveling from New York to Chicago to Nashville to Orlando to her ultimate gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans. Along the way, the two young ladies made valuable contacts in the entertainment industry, visited famous musical landmarks, and discovered new musicians. And they made the contacts they needed to break into the music industry themselves, and begin production on Kim’s first CD.
As you might recall, Ford sent the perky duo off in a Sync-equipped Focus to connect them to their adventures, and the sporty little car costars in many of their online webisodes helping the pair communicate with family and friends along the journey, and providing the soundtrack to their roadtrip - one voice command at a time.

Now that the musical duo are wrapping up their road trip adventures, and are finally on their way to achieving their dreams, they've given us one last chance to share their success with AskPatty’s readers. If you remember from when we covered them last month (, all you have to do is take the time to watch the videos for a chance to win some cool prizes, courtesy of M80, the company that is promoting the girls and their road trip in the Focus.

So, this time, they are asking two questions about Webisode 3 ( All you’ve got to do is watch Webisode 3, and find the answers to the following two questions:

Q: Seana hooks up with the lead guitarist of what band?
Q: Where does Seana take Kim to get her mind off Trevor?

HURRY!!! Email your answers to by midnight Pacific time on Thursday, May 15, 2008, and M80 will randomly select two winners to award each of them a gift pack containing four $5 gas cards from Chevron, $15 in free iTunes downloads (available for television, music, and movies), as well as a handful of CMJ direct download cards which will allow the holder to download songs from artists who performed at CMJ 2007.

Silveripodnano And now for the JACKPOT! Kim and Seana have two more very cool prizes to give away, but these are going to be a little harder to earn. M80 has two 4-gigabyte-capacity Apple iPod Nanos (capable of playing both audio and video) to award in a random drawing selected from all the viewers who can answer one more question based on information contained within one of the OTHER webisodes at the site ( OR, you can also enter the grand-prize drawing by posting a KimandSeana video on their own personal blog or website.
Grand-Prize question:
Q: Which musical artist that the girls interview wears a shirt that says ‘shirt’?

DON'T DELAY!! Send your answer -- or a link to the video at your blog or website -- to for your chance to win one of these extra-cool iPod Nanos (valued at $149 each). Have you got more than one blog or website? Then you can enter multiple times by sending one email for each unique blog or website on which you post a KimandSeana video! Your e-mail and other information will be used solely for communication about the contest and contest-related releases; it will not be used for advertising or for any other type of contact.

As Kim says "Music is our passion and we want to share it all with our friends. Music connects us and we want to connect you." Here's your chance to get connected to your favorite music thanks to Kim and Seana, with a little help from M80 and the Ford Focus.

Good luck!

Jody_devere_vs Jody DeVere

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