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Published Oct 31st 2006, 6:49am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Love This Expert Site For Women

You may or may not have noticed that I have a site for women in business called WomenCorp. But I hope you'll take notice of this big news...

What I'm bursting at the seams about is that we just added a new woman automotive expert who has joined us with her "Ask Patty" column.

It's taken me a year to build the site because quality was paramount, but budget was reality. It's finally coming together and I'm so pleased that a woman of "Ask Patty" caliber agreed to be one of our experts. My goal has been to offer advice and training of real value to real women in business. And now we're doing it!

Why an automotive expert for women in business? (or any women for that matter)

You know how we women find it frustrating sometimes to talk to a guy about fixing our car? Especially when we're busy, successful, intelligent but they make us feel like we're nuts?

It's like with me...
when I go to tell the mechanic about a continuous problem that happens everytime I drive more than 60 miles, sure enough it doesn't do it when he's looking. And sometimes, he looks at me kind of funny like I don't know what I'm talking about.

I DO KNOW an engine light when I see it!

Well the truth is, it would be MUCH easier to communicate with a woman who's like me but happens to know something about cars. Not just advice about repairing cars, but buying cars. Not just buying cars, but maybe even showing me how to get into the auto industry and make some real money, too, if I'm looking at changing careers.

THAT is why I'm excited.

Real women with real expertise who can help other real women looking for advice.

That's what our new automotive expert is all about and I'm certainly pleased to have her on board WomenCorp.

If you haven't seen our new expert, ASK PATTY at WomenCorp, check it out right now. Trust me, you'll love her informative, interesting and down to earth advice for women.

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