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Published Dec 13th 2006, 5:00pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

discussion title: What's in your car safety's kit?

from: tashlb Member Icon
date: Dec-11 2:45 pm
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I found this list online which goes over what you should keep in your car's safety kit...

From: Ask Patty
December 08, 2006
Protect Your Family With A Vehicle Survival Kit

In light of the recent news revolving around the Kim family and the tragic end to their holiday vacation, we thought it was important to address the potential dangers of driving and help you avoid the scenario that met the Kims.

If you were on vacation right now with your family, driving through great places you’ve never been and enjoying the time together, would you be prepared for disaster? What if a blizzard blocked your way to shelter of provisions? What is an earthquake or a tornado stopped you from getting to safety? Could you survive in your car? Most people would probably say no.

Here is a list of items that are essential to survival should you need them. You can store all of these things in a duffel bag or large backpack and keep it in your trunk.
• 72 hour non-perishable food supply(raisins, trail mix, nuts, crackers, powerbars or energy bars, etc.) If you have a baby, include formula, bottles, and baby foods.
• Comfort foods. Almost any emergency seems less stressful with your favorite comfort foods around.
• Bottled Water
• Basic First Aid Kit
• Flares
• Heavy Work Gloves
• Fire Extinguisher
• Car repair items (wrenches, duct tape, jumper cables, tow rope, etc. A wrecking bar bungeed under your seat can help you bash your way out of your car if you're trapped, or bash into someone else's car who has become trapped. Use a towel to protect yourself from broken glass.)
• Battery operated radio (don't use up your car's battery listening to the radio or the news)
• Compass and local maps of the areas you frequently travel. (Make sure you know how to use a compass!)
• Flashlight with extra batteries and spare bulb
• Blanket(s) or sleeping bag(s)
• Tools (small shovel, ax, leatherman, etc.)
• Extra clothing and walking shoes
• Lip balm and hand lotion
• Plastic produce bags (put these over your feet inside your shoes to keep your feet dry)

You should also add to that list items that will help you stay warm and dry:
• Zip-lock bags, sealable bio-hazard bags, toilet tissue, kleenex, etc.
• Poncho (can be used for improvised shelter outside your car, rain, or privacy when nature calls.) Bright colored ponchos can also be used as signal devices.
• Waterproof matches or lighter.
• A votive candle in a mason jar (this will keep your car above freezing; be sure to crack your window to let out the smoke!)
• Cash: small bills and assorted change

**If you travel with pets, don’t forget to pack emergency food and water for them as well!**

Emergency1kitRemember to take into account how many people are usually traveling with you in your car and allow enough provisions for everyone.

If you decide to leave your vehicle for any reason, make sure to leave a note with your car indicating what has happened, where you have gone and how you are. It will help rescue workers know how and where to locate you and will notify authorities that your vehicle hasn’t simply been abandoned. Be sure to keep your identification, emergency phone numbers and any important emergency medical information with you.

You can use a backpack or duffel bag to store these items or be creative and find nooks and crannies to tuck stuff into. Remember that you won’t be reaching for this stuff on a regular basis so it doesn’t have to be easily accessible.

Peninsula Light Company has researched the various kits available on the market and has purchased large quantities of a good Emergency Survival Kit. These kits contain sufficient emergency supplies for one person, are compact in size and handy for storing in your car. Peninsula Light Company offers these kits to the public at roughly $30.00. It’s a great investment and could be a life-saving gift for the holidays.

Ask Patty sends their condolences to the Kim Family and our thoughts and prayers are with Kati, Penelope and Sabine as well as the rest of James Kim's family.

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