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Why Do We Need Biofuels?

Published Apr 23rd 2018, 5:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

In addition to being major producers of pollutants, fossil fuels are just plain unsustainable - eventually, we will run out of them.  Most of us know this, and scientists have for years been seeking viable sources of renewable energy, as most of you know.  Electric and hybrid vehicles are more popular than ever, and all kinds of car manufacturers are now producing these fuel efficient vehicles, with even Lamborghini getting into the act.


However, hybrids and electrics are only one good way (which is still being improved upon) to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  In (somewhat) belated celebration of Earth Day, AskPatty contributor Giles Kirkland has compiled a series of infographics and a very informative article on one of the energy-efficient alternatives: biofuels.

In this series of infographics, Gilent presents the various kinds of alternative fuels, along with some key facts about each of them.  Biofuels are still a relatively new industry, but it shows a lot of promise.  More and more people are working toward protecting our environment and lowering vehicle emissions - and biofuels are just another way of doing that.

Check out the infographics and article here.

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