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Why Do We Buy Electric Cars?

Published Mar 27th 2014, 12:22pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

why do we buy electric carsBoth Ford and Cadillac are advertising their own reasons for why we might buy electric cars. 

In its commercial called “Poolside” Cadillac advertises its range-extending electric ELR sedan using a smug, handsome actor who snarked about the successes of entrepreneurship. He said,  “We're crazy, driven hard-working believers. Those other countries think we're nuts. Whatever." …And people hated it for what seemed to be a pompous statement about the excessive payback of hard work. 

This week, Ford is releasing a rebuttal commercial. Entitled “Upside,” the commercial has the same kinds of themes — hard work, entrepreneurship, environmentalism — but told with the perspective that working hard at making a difference has its own kind of payoff. Why do we work so hard? Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt, explains “Because we’re crazy entrepreneurs trying to make the world better. Some people might think we’re nuts. Whatever.” And then she shows that you can reach your own payoff with an affordable electric car like Ford’s practical C-Max Energi.

“You work hard, you believe that anything is possible, and you try to make the world better…that’s the upside of giving a damn. N’est-ce pas?”



Why do people choose to drive electric cars? Some choose electric to reduce our dependency on petroleum and reduce fuel costs. Others choose electric cars to benefit the environment through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. And then there are others who choose electric cars -- like the Fisker Karma, Tesla Model S, and Cadillac ELR-- for their premium luxury and technology. Whatever your reason for wanting to choose an electric car, the fact is, you can buy a plugin hybrid electric car and spend as little as $32,390 for Ford’s practical C-Max energy utility vehicle, or go all-out and spend more than double that for the more luxurious Tesla and Cadillac options. 


The choice is yours. N’est-ce pas?



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