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What is the Best Car for Your Sign?

Published Dec 19th 2007, 7:00pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Zodiac_mteson_168766145_ Whether you're on a budget, comfortable, or fully loaded, here are the cars and trucks that reflect your astrological personality!

Aries loves the thrill of speed, and with Mars as your ruling planet, you have a special affinity for the color red. Yours is the sign of the Ram, which certainly fits your bold, impulsive nature! Keeping those qualities in mind, if you're...

Porsche_cayman Fully loaded: Go for a red Maserati convertible or a Porsche 911. These classic cars inspire lust in everyone as they watch you speed by.

Comfortable: Go for a zippy little Mazda RX-8. If you have a family to cart along on your many adventures, a Dodge Charger should match your full-steam-ahead personality. And a Chrysler Crossfire reflects how comfortable you are with conflict and competition.

On a budget: Go for a used Dodge Ram or a Mitsubishi Lancer. Either of these models will reflect your fiery, competitive nature as you work your way up in the world!

Remember, since you tend to be impulsive, take a trusted (read: grounded) friend with you when you visit the car dealership. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing the first car you see that's red, fast and shiny -- whether it's the right one for you or not!

Volkswagen_beetle_convertible Taurus
Taurus is an interesting combination of practicality and self-indulgence. Ruled by lovely Venus, you enjoy pleasure, comfort and luxury, and it's a definite plus if your ride reflects your aesthetic tastes. As the sign of the Bull, you also enjoy feeling powerful and grounded, so you might like driving a large car that feels stable on the road. Plus, you need plenty of trunk space for your many suitcases and shopping bags! Keeping those qualities in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for a Land Rover -- because even when you roam far, you still want to be connected with the earth. On that note, an earth-friendly car, such as a Toyota Prius, might be right up your alley, even though it doesn't carry such a large price tag. Better yet, why not blend pure luxury with your love of Mother Earth? Check out a Lexus hybrid for the best of both worlds.

Comfortable: Go for a station wagon or an SUV with all the trimmings, such as a Subaru Legacy or Forester, so you can bring the whole crew on your ramblings. If you'd prefer a sedan, your namesake, the Ford Taurus, could be just your speed.

On a budget: Opt for an inexpensive yet stylish used car, such as a classic Volkswagen Beetle or Ford Mustang.

Remember, since you're often self-indulgent, take a cool-headed friend when you visit the car dealership -- someone who can remind you of your actual budget. Otherwise, you might be seduced by that shiny luxury vehicle and convince yourself you can afford it, when it's really out of your league!

Volkswagen_eos_convertible Gemini
Gemini is witty and talkative by nature. With a lifestyle as busy and socially active as yours, a good car that can handle lots of mileage is a must! Of course, making time to scan the For Sale ads could be a tall order. Plus, it's so hard to decide on just one, all-purpose vehicle. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: You might just have to buy two cars, rather than trying to decide on only one! How about a small, zippy Mini Cooper paired with a classy Mercedes SUV? That should cover all your needs.

Comfortable: Go for a Volkswagen Eos. This car's three-in-one roof converts to a hardtop, a convertible or a sunroof to match just about any mood!

On a budget: A scooter might be your best option, as it's fast, stylish and perfect for short trips -- your favorite kind. On the other hand, a used Mercury might be more your thing -- after all, this one's named after your ruling planet.

Remember, you have a great head for details, but you're also easily distracted. Recruit a friend to help you peruse Consumer Reports or another product quality review source for a good, reliable vehicle.

2007mitsubishi_eclipse_se_concept Cancer
Cancer is emotionally driven and family-oriented. You're the sign of the Crab, which is apt, in that you're self-protective -- any threat sends you back into that shell of yours -- as well as protective of the ones you love. Thus, a vehicle that rates high in crash tests and other vehicle safety requirements is for you. That traditional nature of yours draws you to dependable, tried-and-true models rather than flashier rides. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: A luxury SUV, such as a BMW X5, is big enough for the whole family. Of course, a Class-A RV reflects your love of family and allows you to enjoy familiar surroundings no matter where you go.

Comfortable: Go for a Mitsubishi Eclipse -- you're ruled by the Moon, and this model's name just calls out to your lunar energy. Or try a comfortable, reliable family vehicle, such as a Volvo station wagon or a Subaru Legacy, both of which appeal to your love of tradition.

On a budget: Go for a used yet reliable Toyota Camry station wagon or Honda Odyssey. These family-friendly cars will keep you and your loved ones safe, snug and moving forward.

Remember, you tend to let your heart rule your decisions rather than your head, so bring along a levelheaded friend when you visit the car dealership -- someone who can help you make a rational choice instead of simply feeling your way through the process.

2006_ferrari_430_spyder_convertible Leo
Leo is warmhearted and courageous, stylish and dramatic. That passionate nature of yours deserves a ride that fully expresses your vitality! Yours is the sign of the Lion, ruled by the bright, powerful Sun. Keeping those qualities in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for something sleek, classic and flashy that will really turn people's heads, such as a Ferrari (red, of course!), a Porsche 911 or a convertible Bentley Azure. If you're into class of a slightly subtler variety, a Lexus, BMW or Cadillac Roadster might be just your speed.

Comfortable: Go for a Lincoln MKX, which oozes luxury without the jaw-dropping price tag. A new convertible Volkswagen Beetle in a metallic color will also let you show off on the road.

On a budget: A Honda Civic is zippy and reliable, yet affordable enough for most budgets. And you're sure to keep yours in tip-top condition!

Remember, you're into showy, dramatic vehicles -- and showy, dramatic behavior, as well. When you visit the car dealership, take along an easygoing friend who can help you negotiate amicably with the salesperson rather than flying off the handle when you aren't offered the deal you know you deserve!

2008_honda_accord Virgo
Virgo is practical, detail-oriented and interested in economy, whether that refers to your finances, your automobile or any other resource. Thus, you're drawn to cars that aren't too big or flashy -- and gas-guzzlers need not apply! No, you need something small and sensible with good mileage and great reliability ratings. You tend to drive the same car for years and years; you're hard-pressed to get a new one until the old one is paid off and falling apart. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Even when you're indulging in a luxury vehicle, you can't suppress that practical, specs-conscious nature of yours. Go for something stylish, reserved, and environmentally conscious, such as a Lexus RX Hybrid SUV, to assuage your conscience as well as your bank balance.

Comfortable: With its high crash test ratings, excellent gas mileage and other practical features, a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry is right up your alley. Plus, these cars' lines are elegant yet understated, just like you. You might also like a Toyota Prius or a Honda Hybrid vehicle, for even more savings on gasoline and near-zero emissions -- which is better for your pocketbook as well as the environment.

On a budget: Check out a used Mercury -- after all, this car is named after your ruling planet. A Ford Focus also reflects your legendary powers of concentration.

Remember, you love sifting through the details and finding the best deal around. Consumer Reports and other quality review sources are a great place for you to find a ride that's safe, reliable and an all-around good buy.

2007_bentley_gtcfront Libra
Libra is stylish, friendly and diplomatic by nature. Ruled by Venus, you have an artistic eye and a busy social life, so you need an automobile that reflects your aesthetic tastes -- and one that can take a lot of mileage as you zip from one engagement to the next. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for something sleek and stylish that will make you feel attractive. A Bentley or a Rolls Royce -- both the creme de la creme of automobiles - would be just your speed. So might be a zippy little BMW 7 Series sedan or a Mercedes SL Roadster convertible.

Comfortable: Go for a Toyota 4Runner or a GMC Envoy. Both of these SUVs blend space and style, so you feel dashing as drive your friends around on a gallery crawl or an all-night party circuit. And the Envoy's name speaks to your inner ambassador -- that part of you that just wants everyone to get along and have a good time!

On a budget: You want a car with gorgeous, classic lines, even if it's inexpensive. What about an old BMW or Mercedes? These cars never lose their appeal. A used Honda Civic or Dodge Diplomat will reflect your urge to create social balance and amicable relations in the world.

Remember, you aim to please, which can often mean you're indecisive -- after all, you'd hate to make a decision that hurt anyone's feelings. As much as you enjoy doing things in groups, you might be better off visiting the car dealership on your own, so you can make the decision that's right for you without having to consider anyone else's preferences.

2007_hummer_h3 Scorpio
Scorpio is deep, subtle, powerful and mysterious, all at once. You're emotional at your core, but you may not outwardly reveal how deeply you feel things. You love it when you can keep people guessing as to your motives -- almost as much as you love to deconstruct others' psyches and figure out what makes them tick. In fact, your knack for figuring out tricky problems could make you an excellent home mechanic. Keeping those qualities in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for something sexy that oozes power, such as a Hummer H2, a Dodge Viper or a Cadillac Escalade -- with dark-tinted windows, of course. You like seeing out, but you don't want anyone seeing in!

Comfortable: Check out a Dodge Magnum or Avenger, or a used Plymouth Prowler -- again, with tinted windows, so you can glide through the streets undercover. These models' names reflect your intense personality, as does a Jeep Commander -- because you love being in control.

On a budget: A used Ford Probe could be right up your alley, as the name speaks to your love of delving deeply into feelings, problems or the unconscious mind. Plus, used cars satisfy your need to recycle, not to mention your inner mechanic as you locate issues and fix them yourself.

Remember, you're a natural at projecting an image and drawing admirers into your realm. Use these skills when you visit the car dealership. Instead of being played by the salesperson, like most people, you can have them eating out of your hand -- and offering you deal after deal!

Italdesign_ford_mustang_concept Sagittarius
Sagittarius needs plenty of freedom to explore, and you consider the whole world your oyster. Though you have countless friends, you're always on the lookout for more, so you need a vehicle that can hold lots of people and handle plenty of mileage as you ramble from one gathering to another. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for a GMC Yukon Denali, to reflect your love of wide-open spaces, or a Porsche 911 -- a classic car whose speed and style speak to your own exuberant, passionate nature.

Comfortable: Go for a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle that lets you stray as far as possible from the beaten path, such as a Subaru Outback, a Toyota Tundra or a Jeep Liberty. A Chevy Trailblazer or a Jeep Compass also reflect your love of the open road.

On a budget: The true budget-minded Sag might be perfectly happy just to borrow a friend's car when you need it! But if you do own your own vehicle, it might be a rattletrap Ford Explorer that rambles as far as you do, a used Plymouth Voyager or Honda Odyssey that reflects your love of travel, or a classic Ford Mustang, which speaks to your irrepressible spirit.

Remember, you're a broad-minded dreamer who seeks the big picture, which means you aren't much for practicality or nitpicky details. But details are important when you're purchasing an automobile. Recruit a practical friend who can help you scour dealerships and the want ads for a reliable ride.

2006_lexus_is_350_sedan_front Capricorn
Capricorn is grounded and hardworking. You're also status-conscious, traditional, self-disciplined and a bit on the conservative side. And like a fine wine, you improve with age. You'll work long and hard to support your lifestyle, including the car you drive -- and you're more aware than most that a car speaks volumes about the driver inside. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Travel in style in a Hummer H2, a Lexus sedan or the creme de la creme of automobiles -- a Rolls Royce. After all, when you've made something of yourself and your bank account reflects the success you've achieved, your vehicle should also reflect your elevated status. You might also be attracted to mint-condition classic cars that appeal to your roots-oriented nature.

Comfortable: Go for a Subaru Legacy -- this model's name appeals to your interest in time-honored traditions. A Toyota Avalon radiates class without breaking the bank, while a Camry Hybrid combines reliability, style and excellent gas mileage, which helps you save money on your gasoline bill.

On a budget: Since you're sensible, practical and thrifty, go for a car with the same qualities, such as a Toyota Corolla, a used Saturn -- which is not only affordable, it's also named after your ruling planet! -- or a used Ford Aspire.

Remember, you're often so concerned with savings and efficiency that you might go far too long without treating yourself to a new set of wheels. Even if it means stretching your budget a bit, you deserve an automobile that reflects your personality, values and status. Don't be afraid to take a visit to the car dealership and see what's available in your price range.

Lamborghini_gallardo_coupe Aquarius
Aquarius is progressive, unique and people-oriented. You're interested in cars that represent the future, such as hybrid, solar-powered and electric vehicles. You're also naturally independent and adventurous, so an off-road ride or a convertible might be just your speed. Keeping that in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Think rare or even one-of-a-kind automobiles, such as a Lamborghini, a Ferrari Daytona Spyder or a classic Alfa Romeo in mint condition. Hey -- if you can afford it, why not drive something that very few other people own? On the other hand, you're a natural philanthropist, and spending so much money on a car may not make sense to you. In that case, donate what you would have spent to the charity or nonprofit organization of your choice, and read on for other suggestions!

Comfortable: Go for a solar-powered or electric car, or at the very least, a hybrid vehicle. With Saturn as one of your ruling planets, you might really enjoy driving a car of the same name, and the Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid reflects your love of any and all things progressive and earth-friendly. So does the Toyota Prius. With either of these models, you can feel good about your positive impact on the environment as you reduce your dependency on gasoline.

On a budget: If a car would strain your budget, a bicycle might be your vehicle of choice -- or better yet, a unicycle! (Hey, not many people ride those!) On the other hand, a Saturn Ion is affordable, and it's named after one of your ruling planets. A used Ford Freestyle reflects your urge to do things your way, while a used Volkswagen van will tap into your ingenuity: so what if it's held together by duct tape and a coat hanger!

Remember, though you prize uniqueness above almost all else, don't be afraid to settle for something traditional in an automobile. Though it might seem appealing to scour eBay or the want ads for a rare classic car or foreign model, consider how difficult and expensive it can be to keep a one-of-a-kind car running. You're better off purchasing something tried-and-true, and letting your uniqueness shine in some other area of your life.

2006_lexus_rx_400h Pisces
Pisces is a Water sign, ruled by Neptune, which makes you dreamy, intuitive and otherworldly. You find it hard to exist in the mundane world, so losing your car keys and forgetting to update your auto inspection or registration might be a regular occurrence. Keeping those qualities in mind, if you're...

Fully loaded: Go for a Lexus LX or any other top-of-the-line SUV, so you can bring along your loved ones on your travels. Make sure your ride is equipped with GPS, to help you stay headed in the right direction, and Satellite radio, to keep you connected with the stars.

Comfortable: A Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry is a great car for anyone who has a hard time keeping up with maintenance. These automobiles are safe, reliable and require minimal up-keep over the years. Or, check out a Ford Fusion, which comes equipped with a navigation system to help you become one with your destination.

On a budget: An old Volkswagen beetle with a surfboard on top might be just your style. A used Mitsubishi Mirage or a Ford Escape both speak to your sign's tendency toward illusion, escapism and fantasy.

Remember, you're more of a "feeler" than a "thinker," and sometimes you can be gullible. When you visit the car dealership, take along a trusted friend -- preferably someone with a sharp eye and a suspicious nature -- to help you resist the salesperson's practiced spiel so you can get to the bottom line.

Ktphoto By KT The Astrologer.
KT is the astrologer formerly known as Kelli Fox. Her astrological accreditations include: CA NCGR IV, PMAFA, ISAR C.A.P., FAA. This means she has studied a lot of astrology for many years which indicates there's more to it than just sun signs and daily horoscopes.



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