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What does Paris Hilton drive?

Published Jan 30th 2007, 7:59am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Paris_hilton Paris Hilton was spotted at The Ivy with her sister, mom, and aunt, driving a $400,000+ Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren after trading in her Bentley Continental GT. Just when I'm starting to feel pretty good about myself, somebody like Paris goes out and buys a car worth more money than most homes!

Paris owns a Mercedes Benz SLR, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Ferrari 360 Spyder!

Paris has been all over the news about her driving skills. Paris Hilton pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges in Los Angeles. The star was not required to appear in court because the charges are misdemeanors and her attorney made an appearance on her behalf.

Hilton was pulled over by police in September for driving erratically and told officers at the time that she had one drink on an empty stomach and was on her way to get a hamburger at a nearby fast food restaurant.

Parismercedes Hilton has no prior drink driving arrests. If convicted, she could be sentenced to six months in jail and fined $1000. The minimum penalty for a first-time offender is a fine, probation and rehab.Paris Hilton was sentenced to three years probation today after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving stemming from a September arrest in Hollywood.

Hilton , who was not in court on Janaury 23, 2007, entered the plea through her attorneys, was also fined US$390 and ordered to attend an alcohol-education program by a Los Angeles judge, Reuters said. In California a no contest plea is the legal equivalent of pleading guilty.

Check out more photo's of her car here.

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