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Watch Your Fingers!

Published Dec 28th 2006, 10:44pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Child_window Anyone who has slammed their fingers in doors (especially car doors) knows how painful it can be to squish those digits between heavy objects. Finger crunching is obviously a concern of parents with cars, whether it’s in doors or in automatic windows. According to the Detroit Free Press, there has been a recent push by parents and safety advocates to create a bill in Congress mandating power windows that will not close if something obstructs it. Like fingers.

The argument against it is surprisingly simple: in most cases it wouldn’t save lives and it can actually be used against you. For example, you are sitting at a light and someone tries to carjack your car. You quickly hit the power windows to protect yourself and the intruder sticks his hand in the way. Oops. Your window won’t roll up now.

Carseats_1Children’s fingers are important and we should definitely protect them from being crunched in windows and doors, but maybe the best way is by prevention. Make sure your littlest ones aren’t close enough to reach them, and explain the dangers to the older ones. And remember, a lot of vehicles have window locks for a reason.

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