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Wash Stick Makes Cleaning Your Car Simple

Published Jan 25th 2007, 10:44pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Carwash Washing your car is one of those things that you tend to leave at the bottom of your priority list, unless you happen to be a self-absorbed businessman who likes to impress people with his superclean exotic supercar. But we aren’t those people. We know them, but we aren’t them.

I like to take my car to those places you can drive through while the brushes whip the car and clean it all up and I can still listen to my XM and sit with my seatbelt on. It’s uber-lazy, I’m aware. But I just don’t have the time to haul out my chamois and bucket and hose and go to town on my Acura. I am busy all week and when it comes to the weekend, it’s hard to peel myself away from the bed, the couch, the shopping, the girly DVDs, the blogging to go out and get dirty cleaning the car.

Plus, I don’t like to get my regular clothes wet and I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini sprawled across the hood of my car covered in suds like I thought was so hot when I was 21. I remember a neighbor I used to have back then who would come outside and watch me wash my car. Ew. He moved.

Dscn1438 So I am always excited to find a great new product that makes washing my car as easy as possible. I have used the Mr. Clean Auto Dry (highly recommended), but you still have to slop a rag around on the car and lean over wet car parts, therefore not being able to stay dry. Well, I found this great product called the Wash Stick by Home Right. It is a wand basically that you fill with soapy water and use to scrub-a-dub the car!

Okay, so here is the breakdown:
You have to assemble it when you order it, and that part was less than intuitive, but once I had it all together I thought it was pretty handy. You can hang it up in the garage on those utility racks too so you don’t have to worry about the sheepskin scrubber laying on the ground and getting grimy.

Dscn1437 Fill up a bucket with car wash soap and water, deep enough so the head of the WashStick is submerged. Pull on the end of the stick, filling up the tube with water and then use on a pre-rinsed vehicle. As you run out of suds at the end, just push the stick down in the tube to squeeze more juice out of the end and into your sponge!

There is a squeegee attachment on the flip side of the sponge part and I was less than impressed with that tool. It’s called the “EZIDry” because I think the idea was it would slough the excess water off the car and allow you to skip drying. I didn’t find that this was the case, and maybe that’s because I drive a little coupe with lots of curves. It might work fine on an xB, for example. I wouldn’t know. For the no-drying experience, stick with the Mr. Clean Autowash.

Dscn1439 The Wash Stick was pretty quick and easy to rinse off and clean up and I followed up with a nice chamois dry and voila! Clean car. PLUS, I was dry. This was the best part. It saved my back from aching and I didn’t have to lean over the car and get soapy. Now, if you drive a monster SUV, you might just have to realize you can’t avoid that part.

Better yet? Pay the neighbor kids to do it or strong arm your own into the job.  Oh, and Armor All car wipes are amazing and disposable!

by Breanne Boyle
eMarketing Manager
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