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Valvoline Makes DIY Car Care a Little Easier with Easy Pour Packaging

Published Oct 2nd 2017, 8:00am by Kaeli in Featured Articles

Valvoline has long been synonymous with innovation in motor oil, lubricants, and other automotive products and services, and this week it made DIY car care a little less messy thanks to its easy-pour packaging.

Stop us if you've been here before: you need to add some of oil to your car, so you pick up a bottle of Valvoline engine oil according to your vehicle's specifications (if you're not sure, check the manual!).  You pop the hood, locate the engine oil fill lid, remove it, and you're ready to add your oil.  So, you tip the bottle, and - whoa, your oil is supposed to go in the engine, not on it!  Meanwhile, as the oil continues to poor, the constant pulsing and glugging of the bottle make it difficult to control.  Been there?  We certainly have - and we have poured many quarts of oil into an engine. 

Well, that scenario is no more thanks to the simple solution of Valvoline's new Easy Pour Bottle.  Designed with the non-mechanically inclined (just like you and me) in mind, these Easy Pour bottles make adding oil with no mess a snap thanks to their gamechanging design.  

Highlights of Valvoline’s new Easy Pour Bottle include:
• Easy Pull Tab to make opening the bottle simple and clean.
• Precision Pour Spout for accurate, clean pouring and cutoff - for a tidy oil change experience.
• Anti-Glug Tube eliminating the 'glug-glug-glug' pulses present in standard oil bottles.
• Resealable Overcap with No-Slip Grip helping you prevent spills and safely store extra.
• Centralized Handle for easy pick up and pouring.

Valvoline is so confident that consumers are going to love their new Easy Pour Bottle that it comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee, offering 100% refunds on anyone not entirely satisfied.  In addition, Valvoline has partnered with NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson to create a series of hilarious videos showcasing the new packaging.  You can see all those videos at, and keep an eye out for more great stuff soon from Valvoline, Inc!

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