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Top Safety Tips for Traveling with Pets

Published Jul 23rd 2007, 11:12pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Dogsincar The North Shore Animal League America says "Play It Safe" with pets during summer heat waves. They have given us some helpful tips for traveling with pets and how to avoid any dangerous heat situations.

With the forecast calling for blistering days and high humidity, North Shore Animal League America reminds owners to safeguard their pets during the warm stretches ahead “It’s vital to be aware of the dangers high summer heat poses for our pet dogs and cats,” advises Gerard Laheney, DVM, of NSALA’s Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center. “We need to be proactive as temperatures soar. Panting is an inefficient means of releasing heat and animals don’t perspire as humans do. Therefore, they are more prone to feeling the effects of heat than we might realize. For animals, hydration and retreats from sunlight are essential. ”

Dr. Laheney suggests the following:
Never leave your pet in the car. When the temperature is in the 70's and 80's, temperatures inside a parked car can top over 100 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. While it might be tempting to leave your pet in the car "just for a minute" while you pick up your dry-cleaning, you could be putting his life at risk.

See North Shore Animal League for even more summer pet safety tips!

And now what if you got the heat handled and you are sure you never leave your pet in an unattended car... does that mean all your travels with your pet will be hassle free? Maybe not... what if your pet gets car sickness? (read more by clicking "continue reading.." below)

DogsincarsSmall Dog Paradise gives us some tips:
Car sickness is a very common incident, especially in puppies. Despite the fact, many owners do little to prepare their dog for traveling in a car and yet expect them to behave meti
culously the first time they are driven everywhere.

Having said, you don’t have to leave your friend at home. Here are 10 tips to help him cruise his way from car sickness and keep your upholstery clean.

   1. Get that Feeling. All children played at least once in their life of a make believe game. So why should young puppies be denied of this make believe experience. Take your pup to the stationary car. Let him sniff and investigate the surrounding for a couple attempts. Then try with the engine so he’s familiar of a car engine sound. Reward each successful attempt.
2. Practice Mini Trips. Before embarking on a vacation with your dog, it is always wise to get him used to moving vehicles. Start by driving him around a block or two. Reward him each time he managed to stay collect after the short ride. Gradually prolong the ride. If a blaring siren passes by and he remains calm, reward him immediately with a tiny food treat and praises.
   3. Pleasant Destination. Avoid his first “bon voyage” to veterinary clinics. Certainly do not make going to the vet the only time your dog rides in the car. Make more pleasant rides to places like parks and beaches. Set him up for fun moments not despair and sickly environment.
   4. Empty Stomach. Do not go for a joy ride after a heavy meal. And if you are embarking a long road trip, do not feed your dog six hour prior to it. However, do give him water as it won’t upset his stomach as much as food does.
   5. Quarter-filled Stomach. While many dogs travel best with empty stomach, others respond better after eating a light meal especially dogs that have one meal per day.

Check out Small Dog Paradise to read the full article on preventing car sickness in pets.

by Breanne Boyle

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