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Tire Care and Accident Prevention

Published Oct 9th 2006, 7:45pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Tire_swing Keeping your family safe on the road is a priority! Did you know one of the causes of traffic fatalities are underinflated tires? How often do you check your tire pressure? Do you own a good tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure once a month? Do you know the correct tire pressure for your vehicle and tires? Did you know that you should rotate and have your tires inspected every other time your oil is changed, or every 6-8000 miles?

The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is located in the drivers door jam on the placard! A good auto parts store will sell you a good quality tire pressure gauge for $8-$12 dollars and you can do a monthly check yourself !

Here is a link to more tips on keeping your tires and your family safe!

Tire Maintenance and Safety Guide

Facts at a Glance

Tires and Auto Safety
Number of tires on the road in America in 2005 on non-commercial vehicles (cars and light trucks, including SUVs): 920 million

Number of light vehicle and commercial tires shipped in 2005: 321 million

Miles driven by non-commercial vehicles in 2000: 2.76 trillion

Highway fatalities in 2005: 43,200

Estimated annual number of highway fatalities caused by underinflated tires : 660

Recommended frequency for visual inspection and air pressure check of all four tires and the spare: once a month and before every long trip.

Sources: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Rubber Manufacturers Association

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