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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the CarMD Vehicle Health Index

Published May 3rd 2020, 12:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

CarMD has spent a decade reporting on check engine light-related problems, repairs and associated costs.

Having built the most comprehensive and dynamic database of failures and repairs related to vehicle on-board diagnostic systems, CarMD is uniquely qualified to provide unbiased data on repair costs and trends. CarMD distributes this Index each April during Car Care Awareness Month to remind vehicle owners about the importance of paying attention to maintenance needs and inspections to help avoid unforeseen problems.

This Index also serves to provide the automotive industry with year-over-year data, shedding light on trends related to the type and cost of repairs. This data can be used to identify emerging issues and drive automotive aftermarket decisions from regional parts purchase forecasting to repair shop pricing to customer education.

Over the past 10 years, the CarMD Vehicle Health Index has reported on data derived directly from more than 41 million vehicles on the road in the U.S.

In this year’s special anniversary report, CarMD shares data from the past calendar year as well as a compilation of findings over the past decade. It also adds network scan insight to cover newer vehicle technology.

What is Distinctive About CarMD’s Index?

This is the first and most comprehensive industry report to provide consumers and the automotive aftermarket with year-over-year check engine light repair insight. Since 1996, every vehicle sold in the United States has been required to have an on-board diagnostic (OBDII) system. It monitors roughly 80% of a vehicle’s systems to trigger the check engine light and alert drivers about issues related to emissions, fuel economy, drivability and cost of ownership. CarMD’s data comes directly from each vehicle’s OBDII system, reported by vehicle owners and the professionals who service them. From this data, CarMD has built a database of failures and repairs related to a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. Each CarMD Vehicle Health Index draws from this database, and CarMD’s nationwide network of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)- certified technicians who have validated related failures and fixes.

What can a Decade of Diagnostics Tell You?

This data can inform B2B parts manufacturers and automotive aftermarket retail buyers as they extrapolate year-over-year and regional trends related to vehicle diagnostic data and related parts failures. The auto parts industry can use this data to be sure the right parts are available in the right quantities. When used in conjunction with other resources such as Innova Repair Solutions, the CarMD PRO SCAN inspection solution and CarMD Garage, this Index can provide insight to repair professionals on the type of parts most likely to need a repair when a car rolls into the service bay. It can also help them see if their parts and labor pricing is in line with the average repair costs in their regions. Additionally, this data provides a way to educate drivers about the importance of heeding warning lights, common repairs in their region and related symptoms to improve vehicle life and cost of ownership.

Check out the data CarMD has collected over the past decade in their awesome report here!

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