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The Ultimate Dream Car

Published Dec 1st 2006, 5:16pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ccc_money_barrell_1 If someone gave you a wheelbarrow of money and said you could buy anything you want but it had to be some type of car, do you know what you would do with it? What would you purchase? If there were no limits to the amount you could spend, what type of car would you want? Would you want a luxurious, chauffeured Maybach, or do you prefer a fast, sporty Ferrari? Ask Patty went through the L.A. Auto Show this week and picked out our top choices for splurging, listed in order of price.

Bentley Bentley Continental GT – MSRP: Roughly $170,000
The “cheapest” one in the bunch, the Bentley Continental GT is a large, ultra-luxury coupe. Standard equipment highlights include auto-latching doors, four-zone automatic climate control, 14-way power front seats with three-position memory, DVD navigation and a premium audio system with a glovebox-mounted CD changer. Bentley also offers a host of customization options, including out-of-range exterior paint colors and special interior trim materials and color schemes. So you could match it to your favorite handbag or sports team.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 – MSRP: $300,000
This Lamborghini in opalescent white is incredibly stunning, although you can order a beautiful baby-blue if you go with the Murcielago’s sister model, the Gallardo Spyder. Apparently, Lamborghini execs say that hardly any women buy Murcielagos, but the new Gallardo Spyder is proving popular with them. Hmmm, our pick is the Murcielago, but since you are the one spending 300k, we’ll let you decide.

Spyker Spyker C12 LaTurbie – MSRP: Roughly $345,000
Less than 10 2005 C8 Spyders were ever bought by Americans and only 14 total were built in the first half of 2005. They are back at it again with the next generation of these beauties. The interior boasts these great aircraft-like toggle switches. And it’s only 45k more than the Murcielago. We say go for it!

Ferrari Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – MSRP: Estimated to be $350,000
The look of this Ferrari is exotic low to the ground. The long and narrow headlights even match the overall body style. The interior consists of a blend of leather, carbon fiber and brushed aluminum. The steering wheel hosts a system panel which controls suspension traction and gearbox settings. There is also an ignition button and shift peddles behind the wheel.

Mb_slr Mercedes Benz SLR – MSRP: $450,000   
The Mercedes-Benz SLR is a 2-door, 2-passenger luxury sports car, available in one trim only, the McLaren. Upon introduction, the SLR was equipped with a standard V8, 617-horsepower, supercharged engine that achieves 13-mpg in the city and 17-mpg on the highway. But with all your extra dough you can afford the gas prices.

Bugatti_veyron Bugatti Veyron – MSRP: $1.2 Million
Despite being the most expensive car in the world, some of the 300 units have already sold with a down payment of $300,000. The Bugatti Veyron will normally be limited to 224 mph by an electronic chip. If you should wish to drive faster and test the 250 mph limit, a Bugatti engineer will actually fly in with a set of high speed tires, and will aid you diving the fastest speed a street car can go. It just shows that a Bugatti Veyron owner will be the member of probably the most exclusive club on earth.

And now the mother of all beautifully expensive cars:

Maybach Maybach’s Excelero Vision – MSRP: Priceless
There is only one of these tremendously gorgeous vehicles around and you are looking at it. Maybach will not produce these for consumers. It is something of a mystery that Maybach has decided not to build one of the most stunning cars ever built. It only seats two people and has an engine with 700 horses galloping inside. This vehicle is 21 feet long, if you can believe it, so even if you could get your hands on one, you would need a huge garage! Because of its classy look and dangerous appeal, Ask Patty puts the Excelero on the top of her “gotta have it” list.

We hope you enjoyed our trip through fantasy land. Make sure to save your pennies ladies, because these are definitely cars worth dreaming about!

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