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The Other Side of Christmas - A Tribute to The Grinch

Published Dec 27th 2007, 3:24pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

So Christmas is over, the holiday shopping, wrapping , cooking , travel ,caroling, charity events , Church services, cards sent, gifts mailed, calls made to loved ones, gifts given and unwrapped (whew) . BUT OH, those Grinch types who tried to steal Christmas from my family along the way this year! They always provide a challenge each year to an already stressful and busy time.

Car Dealer Grinch: My daughter and son-in-law bought a new car for Christmas, with their expanding family they needed a larger car and bought a 2008 Dodge Caravan. The dealership was wonderful until they did not keep their promises about the financing so on Christmas eve of all days they are battling to get this solved. More on this later, to the rescue, dun dun dun!

Health and Loss Grinch: My Mother had a mild heart attack in December. My uncle passed away just after Thanksgiving which tried to put a damper on the holiday spirit; her heart attack was the day of his memorial service! Mom is fine now but we are all missing our deal Uncle Loyde so much this Christmas, he was so much fun and full of Christmas cheer! So he will be remembered and many fun stories shared this year to fend off those sad Grinch-Mess feelings!

Family Grinch: Have one of those family members who always seems to rear their ugly drama just in time for Christmas? Our #1 family Grinch canceled Christmas altogether with us this year, poor old grumpy Grinch, hope he enjoys himself all alone today! He needs a good does of Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude to cure his Grinch-Mess blues.

Parking and Traffic Grinch: Something happens to Grinch people out when the shopping mall parking lots get full the traffic gets snarled up during the holidays. Someone needs to invent Un-Grinch Pills for the screaming, parking spot aggressive stealing and honkers to help us all enjoy the holidays more each year.

Sure you have your own Grinch-Mess stories to share! Please do leave your comments on them below.


Askpattylogochristmas_2 Merry Christmas to all the Grinches out there!

Jody DeVere




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