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The In-Laws vs. The Dirty Car

Published Apr 27th 2007, 6:12pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Roxy_ezydog My in-laws are coming in today from Ohio. They are lovely people, but the whole “in-law” myth isn’t really a myth in that it is stressful. Not that I even plan to cart my husband’s parents around in my two-door coupe (I can see it now – their heads banging against each other and the C pillar like little clackers), but the OCD in my personality couldn’t let the car be dirty any way. Even if they never looked at it.

So last night, I started in on it in our carport, vacuuming away and busting out my Armor-All wipes (loves these by the way!) and then I looked at my *black* carpet that was covered in *white* hair from my beloved corgi, Roxy. I literally got depressed. No amount of vacuuming could get this stuff off my carpet. My husband and I like to joke that she just sits around all day concentrating on shedding her hair in order to make us miserable. We think she is planning on suffocating us with piles of it in our sleep.

Deluxefuremover Back to the hair debacle: I had recently purchased this lint “brush” from Linens N Things to try out on various surfaces. It is called the Fur Remover (makes sense) and it is made out of rubber and literally looks like a brush (see image to the left... I wish they sold that turquoise one at my store!). I swiped it a few times across my carpet and OH MY GOODNESS it was MAGICAL. It pulled all the fur out of my carpet and into a messy pile that I sucked up in my vacuum hose. Hallelujah!

I didn’t mean for this post to become a product review, but gals, be assured that this little dandy will help melt away any car-dog cleaning mess you may encounter. I love my car and I adore my dog… now they can live in harmony!

I'm off to pick up the in-laws now! Wish me luck!

by Breanne Boyle
eMarketing Manager
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