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Published Jun 29th 2007, 3:38pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

We might know everything about fashion, the latest beauty trends, the juiciest gossip about our favourite celebrities, but how many woman out there know more than just the basics about their car? I certainly don't.

My car averages one breakdown a year, and that's not counting the other times it goes temperamental on me - whirring noises, stalling, air condition problems..... Unless this calls for putting oil in my car, or check air in the tires, I am absolutely clueless. I am left with - WHY ME GOD? Or even WHY TODAY GOD? I ask for divine intervention, which, of course, doesn't happen too often and I end up getting stuck with a mechanic that sums me up with WOMAN = NO CLUE = OVERCHARGE.

I am most likely not the only who feel the gender bias going on here. The solution I have come up with is to be more informed with what's going on between the engine and pipes of my car. However, the thought of trading my designers for a jumpsuit and taking an automotive course just doesn't appeal to my senses too much.

Recently I had another dilemma with an old sports car I had sitting in my garage. A mechanic offered to buy it for what I thought was a really cheap price (thanks to another mechanic that persuaded me a couple years ago to install a refurbished engine, install new seats and get the body work done) and I thought I could get a better price. I searched around the internet but I found too much white noise - information that is inconsequential, or even conflicting with each other. So, I went directly to and asked the women experts. The email I received for my question did confirm that the mechanic was offering me lower than what I could possibly get, and guess what? I was able to sell the car to the same mechanic for a little bit more.\

*Please give me a moment to do my happy dance *

I am now newest number one fan.

See article here.

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