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Take The Pain Out of New Car Buying

Published May 15th 2007, 5:11am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Woman_testing_out_car by Kimberly, Sandi and Natalie of Right Honda
Believe it or not, car dealerships do not purposely intend to make car buying an experience that leads to hours with your therapist.  Dealers want to start your vehicle ownership on the right track. To ensure a pleasant purchase, consumers should be prepared in two major areas before going to the dealership.

What size, features and general cost actually meet your needs?  Be willing to spend some research time determining what you are looking for.  Compare models and prices on-line and in newspaper advertisements. Manufacturers now “package” options i.e. leather interiors, exterior upgrades, special safety products, etc, be aware that not all options are available on every model of new cars. Try to be clear which options are most important to you. Allow your sales professional to assist you regarding items that you may have missed in your research and to answer any questions you may have about these features.

Negotiate Discussing the financing of your new vehicle can be less stressful if you are prepared. If you choose to finance your vehicle, you may want to check with your bank or credit union in advance to be knowledgeable when rates and terms are offered at the dealership.  How much of a down payment do you wish to make? Do you require that a payment be within a specific budget?  Is the selection of your new vehicle more dependent on your budget than the actual automobile?

You might consider leasing because lease payments are usually lower.  Leasing can be a great choice if you are a buyer who likes to get a new car every three years. (Fortunately, some pre-owned vehicle now qualify for a lease). Pay special attention to the mileage allowances in the lease.

The final phase of your vehicle purchase is frequently the Finance and Insurance office.
Although the time spent making the financial decisions with regards to your vehicle sometimes seems excruciatingly long, it actually is not. All details of your purchase must be gathered and verified. In addition to the presentation of the products which can better insure your vehicle and provide safeguards for your financial commitment, the finance officer is available to confirm any verbal commitments or conditions of your sale. This portion of your purchase is for your benefit, but does require that you actively participate Ask questions Ask questions Ask questions   Remember, no one can make you purchase anything.

Other things to remember:
- Take the title and registration of the vehicle you are trading, if applicable, confirm the payoff amount of your trade to save time
- A vehicle purchase requires time.  Optimum, anticipate two to four hours at a dealership for completion of the sale and delivery process. Your purchase is a major investment and a reflection of your lifestyle.

Now you are ready. Leave your preconceived notions at home and have fun!  HAPPY HUNTING.

by Kimberly, Sandi and Natalie of Right Honda, an Ask Patty Female Friendly dealership. Kim, Sandi and Natalie are also members of Ask's expert advisory panel!

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