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Summer Time Car and Truck Cleaning Reminders

Published Aug 14th 2006, 3:44am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Car_in_poolNever wash your vehicle in direct sunlight if you can help it. If your vehicle has been in the direct sunlight give it a few moments to cool off. The water, soap, and cleaners can react differently on a hot surface rather than cool. This also goes for hot wheels. Some cleaners will not stain or streak your wheels if cool but if hot from driving you take the chance they will stain or streak (read your labels).

A good coat of wax on your exterior is like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer day to your paint. Yes, your paint gets thirsty!

Your leather seats and your dash need moisturizing just as much in the summer with your air conditioners blowing as they do in the winter with your heaters blowing.

Conditioning and cleaning the inside always gives a fresh new look to your interior.

Convertible tops are down or off alot more this time of year. Remember to properly clean before putting them down or removing them. If you have a plastic window remember to condition they become dry just like your leather.

Keeping your vehicles interior and exterior clean is always a sure way to extend the value of your investment. Many dealerships offer full service detail shops, it is easy to find a car wash, drive through wash or self wash, and family car wash day can be great fun in the summer when you are looking for a way to stay cool and get your chores done (just be sure you are the one in control of the water).

Don't forget about your campers, trailers, and RV's they need cleaning and conditioning too!!!

If you have any specific questions please post your questions in the comment below and I will see if I can help.

Debbie Lee

Professionals Car Care

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