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Summer Driving Advice: Stay Focused--Don't Drive Distracted

Published Aug 2nd 2007, 9:06pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ap_teen_driver Statistics show that the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous time of the year for drivers. The danger peaks around the Fourth of July holidays, when Americans experience the highest number of driver fatalities, according to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

"It's a critical driving time," says assistant vice president of communications Janice Minshall, "and it's important that drivers are highly focused and attentive. We urge people, don't drive distracted."

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Distracted driving causes nearly 80 percent of automobile crashes. Studies show that people are limited in the amount of information they can process at any one time, and that they can't successfully shift their attention back and forth among multiple demands.

GEICO Insurance has provided some tips to help drivers stay focused while driving with family and friends:

* Use your cell phone for emergency situations only.
* If you are drowsy, pull off the road to rest.
* Limit the activity going on inside the car while you are driving.
* Avoid eating while driving.
* Do your multi-tasking while outside the car.

Teenagers are at an age where distractions are even more of a problem because of their driving inexperience. Teens should be particularly mindful of avoiding distractions while they're on the road during the summer holiday season. For more information, go to GEICO's Auto Safety Library at For additional information, you can click here to download their very informative PDF titled "Top 10 Tips For Preventing Teen Accidents."

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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