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Submit Your Story To Ask Patty and Win A CarMD!

Published Jan 21st 2007, 11:48pm by Jody DeVere in

Ask Patty is announcing her first creative writing contest!

Do you have a great car story to tell us? Maybe you have a humorous tale or a tale of woe concerning a vehicular mishap. We want to hear them all!

What are you waiting for? Submit your story to us! There are 5 categories for stories. We will award 5 in each category by a random drawing.


Car buying experiences

Car humor

Vehicle mishaps

What does your car mean to you?

Driving experiences or road trips

Remember, we have 25 to give away so you could win! Submit all entries to Be sure to include your name, email and phone number with your story! Deadline is Dec. 15th 2006, so get your write on!


All you have to do is submit your story to Ask Patty and you could win a CarMD tool ! We are giving away 25 units!

What is a CarMD? It is just about the coolest car helper around!

The CarMD is a tester that you can use to monitor and maintain the health of your 1996 and newer car, light truck, minivan and/or SUV for the life of your vehicle. It has these easy-to-read indicator lights that help you instantly diagnose the health of your vehicle, your family's vehicles, or even your neighbor's vehicles!


For example, CarMD can help you to:

Examine a used car before buying

Give your vehicle a clean bill of health before a family vacation or road trip

Pre-“smog” test your car

Know why your vehicle's "Check Engine" light is on

Get a second opinion on your mechanic's report

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