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Published Apr 12th 2007, 12:59am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

AskPatty: Automotive Advice For Women

One of my favorite women-oriented sites is Ask Patty. This site is dedicated to helping women find better deals on cars, convincing dealers to be more women-friendly (in the sales process, we're not talking about adding a nail salon, although considering the time it takes to get one's nails done, and the time it takes to sit through the paperwork to purchase a car, maybe that's not such a bad idea).

Patty is the avatar of the site, but I've had e-mail contact with Jody LeVere, and her whole team are fantastic, fantastic examples of how to build a thriving business and community for women.

One of the latest posts is how Dealerships can become Female Friendly Certified. If you've ever walked into a dealership and had the salesman try to push you around, or perhaps to talk to your husband, while doing little more than leering at you when the husband wasn't looking, well then this is the post for you.

The dealership has to go through a 12 month training process.

Maddox states that the training and tests involved to become certified are not "fluff and puff," and does not just hand out certification to any dealer willing to pay. Dealerships must be willing to complete the year long training and certification process ! It’s high-level and hard work—much more like Harvard Business School than the local community college.

Anyone who can convince a dealer to spend 12 months working on anything has my vote. AskPatty has a great voice, is involved in the community, and has presented at the Six Apart Business Conferences for Movable Type and Typepad Users.

I've been convinced for some time that blogs will remake the auto dealer experience. AskPatty is one of those voices making a difference.

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