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So You Want to Buy a New Car?

Published Feb 27th 2008, 10:05am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Buy_car CNN found that 75% of people surveyed would rather go to the dentist than a car dealership. Most people do however love driving their new car off the dealership lot. Emotions run high when buying a new car. Never be afraid to walk away from a car deal if it doesn't feel right. On the other hand, if your questions have been answered and the deal feels right, take a deep breath, buy your car, and enjoy the drive out.

The bottom line is that it’s important to do your homework and understand the key differences between buying and leasing, so you can apply your knowledge to your personal situation.

Doing Your Homework
Great salespeople know all about the vehicles they sell. They can tell you technical specs like which vehicles have the most horsepower. They can also tell you which colors you can choose from for the interior. So why not get a general idea about what you will be looking at by going to car manufacture websites that you’re interested in before you go to the dealer? Surf around and see what the manufacturer has to say about the car. What if you don’t have a manufacturer in mind? Go to more websites and start a checklist of the characteristics of the vehicles so you can begin to compare vehicles. The options selections might steer you to one manufacturer over another.

Ask Questions
This may surprise some of you, but salespeople are unable to read minds. The good ones can tell when you do have questions and need more information. Most would welcome your help. Why not give them some assistance? When something interests you, tell your salesperson why. When something isn’t a fit for you or your family also tell the salesperson why. It’s only when salespeople understand what you think about what you’re seeing that they can do a better job of helping you. And ladies, it’s fine to say, “What does the horsepower have to do with what I’ll experience as a driver?” Mechanical components don’t have to interest you, but how those components impact your vehicle usage is important. Any salesperson who is not willing to answer your questions so you are comfortable with the answer is a salesperson you should not be working with.

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