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She Got A Ticket to Ride .... 2007 Camero Convertible Concept

Published May 14th 2007, 4:00pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

222 I am now one of twenty who have had the distinguished honor of driving the 2007 Camaro convertible concept unveiled earlier this year. Who says my job is all work and no play?

Sangyup Lee, one of the Design Managers at Chevrolet  for the 2007 Camaro Convertible Concept , took a spin with me at the wheel, during a ride and drive put on by GM at Tejon Ranch, just north of Los Angeles. A picture perfect spring day, wild flowers blooming , a lake along the route made for a gorgeous ride with the  top down to smell the mountain air and let your hair feel the breeze.

An electric ignition brought to life the old familiar deep throaty rumble of the muscle cars of the sixties and my days "puttin" Van Nuys Blvd in the summer.  The sleek up to date lines putting a modern twist to my memory of a favorite car from my youth.

Camaro_c_cncpt_jodi7 Manufactured on three continents, (Australia, Europe and North America), this hot new Camaro goes into production in 2008. Diversity is definitely  in this Camaro's bloodline, ( or is that  oil lines?) and think it will have appeal to a diverse demographic of buyers. The body style is a composite of the old, new and picks up the flavor of the three continents that will give birth to it.

The interior of this hot rod is a sight to behold. Plenty of chrome finish to sparkle and dance in the sunlight with an interior package that includes three - tone leather with European hand stitching adding a nice touch of class. The interior design team really deserve some Big Kudo's for the attention to detail here. Who needs a Foose'd up car with standard design features like this!

This ride made me feel about seventeen again, thank you Sangyup for the rolling tour of this beauty of a design by the folks at Chevrolet.

p.s. to Ed Peper - I think you have a real winner here!

Camaro_c_cncpt_jodi9 Jody DeVere

Photos Courtesy of:
Jim Fets

John Grafman
Editor – LA Car

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