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Product Review: SoapJet Handheld Car Wash

Published Dec 20th 2007, 7:00pm by Alan in Featured Articles

Soapjethandle For car owners looking for a professional car wash at home without much fuss and lots of ease, the SoapJet Handheld Car Wash promises to fit the bill.

SoapJet's injection technology, one-handed operation, and two-trigger design allow the soap and water to mix outside the nozzle for maximum suds on contact. Its unique technology permits an instantaneous switch from soap to clear water while giving the user to select from wide mist to a needle spray patterns or anywhere in between and a variety of water strengths.
In our product tests, we found the two-trigger process was slightly difficult for our petite girlie hands, requiring a little muscle that would be more easily applied by male users. However, the water spray had very good pressure and did a good job of cleaning the car quickly. Working like a mini pressure washer, the SoapJet performed well when cleaning the cracks and crevasses of the car and wheels. We also used it to clean patio furniture, and the strong water spray did a great job of cleaning seasonal mold off the concrete patio floor.

Soapjetlogo "We wanted to develop a product that would enable people to get rid of the traditional bucket of water, and that is what we have done with the introduction of the SoapJet," says SoapJet inventor Alan Salzman. It's certainly an improvement over the traditional nozzle-and-bucket method of car washing. Kinda makes me wonder how well it would work at hosing off a tub of kidlets... just load that thing up with a little baby shampoo, and fire away!

The SoapJet Handheld Car Wash can be purchased for around $10 over the phone at 800-231-1981, through its web site at, or in more than 16,000 locations nationwide including Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, Kmart, Kroger, Shopko, O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Strauss Auto, Car Quest Auto, Checker, Schuck's Auto Supply, Kragen, and Murray's. The product carries a lifetime guarantee that promises a free replacement for as long as you own your SoapJet, if it ever fails to give you complete and total satisfaction through normal usage.

Smarmyjoenozzlee If you've got a baudy sense of humor, you might enjoy the SoapJet video series featuring their smarmy spokesman Joe Nozzle as he demonstrates the efficiency of the sprayer with a variety of unusual products from chocolate syrup to barbecue sauce.

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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