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Prepare Your Paint for Summer Road-Tripping

Published Jul 16th 2007, 5:24pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

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Most people are familiar with the benefits of protecting a vehicle’s engine and interior parts for summer conditions, but what about the paint?

Flying rocks, bugs and other road debris can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s painted finish. People are investing more money than ever before on new vehicles and often keeping them longer. At the same time, paint materials and labor costs for repainting continue to rise.

3M scientists have developed an effective and affordable solution to this problem in the form of Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film from 3M.  This clear, eight-mil-thick, premium grade urethane film is professionally installed and is virtually invisible so your vehicle’s lines and paint color aren’t altered.

Small stones, grit and insects bounce off the resilient film without damaging the underlying paint, and the film helps eliminate problems of rust and corrosion that can occur when the finish is damaged and underlying metal surfaces are exposed. 3M’s protective films have been tested and proven for long-term compatibility with the latest automotive finishes, and are used by automobile manufacturers around the world.

Paint_layers Scotchgard film helps protect vulnerable areas like the front end, bumper, fenders, wheel wells, mirror backs and door edges, and can help boost a vehicle’s trade-in value. It is extremely durable and stands up to flying rocks and bugs. Scotchgard film is regularly used by racecar drivers and is an exclusive NASCAR Performance® Product.

The do-it-yourselfer can get in on the action with Scotchgard film in narrow strips on rolls for installation on door edges. Check with your local automotive parts and supplies store. And you’ll find an installation video for door edge guards on 3M’s website.

Scotchgard Paint Protection Film has many applications, from passenger vehicles, classic cars and motorcycles to race cars and street rods, and from boats and semis to tractors and RVs.

Professional film installation is available through many new car dealerships, and by authorized film converters and trained applicators across the country. For more information about the film and sources of supply, call 888-663-1394, extension 46, or visit

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