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Published Apr 21st 2007, 6:21am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Nobody likes buying cars!

A couple of weeks ago (actually, the day before my birthday) my mom and I went to lunch and then I drove her to the dealership where her car was being repaired. Somehow, her car wasn’t recognizing that the transmission was in park, so it wouldn’t let her remove the key. Annoying! So, just last week, while my sister and brother were here, my mom’s car started acting up again! We were at the mall, and my dad actually came over and tracked us down, because my mom’s car leaked a bunch of…well, something…in their garage and all down the street and was leaking a huge puddle in the mall’s parking lot. So they ran it back over to the dealership, and it had a blown head gasket. Ugh! My mom drives one of those *cough*ugly!*cough* Pontiac Azteks, but she literally drives from her house to her job at the mall five days a week, about five miles each way, and that’s pretty much it. Her car is six years old, and has only twenty thousand miles on it! I can’t believe she’d have a blown head gasket at 20K - what a lemon!

I think she’s ready to buy something else, but she and my dad are in their late 60s and I know they’re afraid the salespeople will take them for a big ride, and I’m sure that’s exactly what will happen! Those dealerships are so slimy, the way they take advantage of people - especially women! There’s even a website now called that’s specifically geared toward women looking to buy a car. It lists women-friendly dealerships and has a search utility for researching cars. Check it out, you can Shop for a New Car Here - I only see one dealership in my city; hope mom wants a Kia. Hehe! I’ll bet it won’t be long, though, before lots of other dealers sign on. No sense in alienating half of your customer base, right?

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