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Outpost Earth is Blogger Heaven

Published Feb 16th 2007, 3:01am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Outpostearth Ask Patty likes to troll the web and find you great online resources and cool sites to visit. We found a great one for all the bloggers out there! It’s called Outpost Earth. So what is is a dynamic blog directory and world network organized by location and topic. The primary objective of the site is to provide exposure, drive traffic to and generate valid relevant link backs to our member's blogs.

Outpost-Earth features and how it differs from the competition:

Most blog directories simply place your site in it's assigned category and there you are getting dusty and ignored. Unless someone goes looking for it (among hundreds, sometime thousands) you'll never be found or visited. Outpost Earth addresses that issue by bringing a member's blog front and center for all to see with each new post. A member's blog not only appears on the Outpost Earth front page (“This just in” section) but it also appears at each location and/or topic Outpost it is registered at. That's the dynamic part. This dynamic feature also benefits the visitor and member by continuously displaying the better (active) blogs from the static, never updated or simply forgotten ones that litter the internet.

Outpostearth_profile As an example, if your blog is registered at Outpost-Tokyo and Outpost-Photography. With each new article/photo you post to your blog, your new update will appear at Outpost-Earth, Outpost-Japan, Outpost-Arts, Outpost-Tokyo and of course Outpost-Photography plus it will also appear on the Front Page block located at each and every Outpost at the bottom of the second column!

That's five chances to be seen and visited with each update! One final thing, a visitor will notice our members areas where member's avatars are randomly displayed and organized by Outpost. Each one of these avatars is linked to the member's profile page where you'll find the member's last five posts and personal information if the member chose to share.

The best of all? It’s FREE! So come on you bloggers, sign up for Outpost Earth!

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