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OK Go and Honda's Uni-Cub Won't Let You Down

Published Nov 28th 2016, 6:00am by Brandy A. Schaffels in Featured Articles

OK Go and Honda's Uni-Cub Won't Let You DownHave you seen this fun OK Go video in which members of the band scoot around on a Honda Uni-Cub personal mobility device surrounded by more than 2,000 Japanese schoolgirl dancers giving an incredible, synchronized umbrella performance?

Titled "I Won't Let You Down," the video was filmed by an octocopter drone, and took about a month of concept, planning, and practicing, and then took four days to shoot.

OK Go and Honda's Uni-Cub Won't Let You DownThe video was filmed in one continuous shot in double time, recording the events at half the speed of the song and then sped up for the final video to make it easier for them to perform the complex choreography.

Unlike its performance in the video, Honda's Uni-Cub personal mobility device is actually not very fast. It’s meant to replicate walking, much like a Segway, but is designed to ridden hands-free and seated. It incorporates balance-control stabilization technology from the Japanese automaker's ASIMO bipedal robot that makes it super easy to maneuver as well as fun to ride: just lean forward to go forward, lean sideways to turn or move diagonally, and sit more upright to slow down or stop.

Honda Uni-CubThe first-generation Uni-Cub was released in 2012, and then redesigned in 2013 with a lowered seating position and reduced weight, making the second-generation model more usable for a wider range of people. The device is still under development and has been used for mobility research and technical hackathons. It's not clear when the device will become available for consumer purchase.

In the meantime, we can at least enjoy the video, right?

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