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Now You Can Have All The Colors Of Your Wildest Dreams

Published Jun 1st 2007, 3:34pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles
Eyemakeup10 Gals, go take a look-see into your makeup drawer for me. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. Okay, come back! Tell me what you see. Color right? Lots and lots of beautiful shades and deep, rich tones. Well, car makers are taking their cues from those little pallets we keep in our bathrooms.

According to Forbes Autos, the same color trends that are affecting the looks of cell phones, iPods, and wallpaper are affecting our rides. Li Edelkoort of Trend Union, has a track record of predicting color trends in all types of industries. In her recent forecast, she looks to eyelashes for inspiration on what interior trims will look like, and in her “Colour Tool” she talks about automotive industry trends specifically.

Edelkoort has influenced trends in designs at companies like Citroen, Jaguar, Nissan, Renault, and VW, on both style and hue. She forecast some upcoming trends in auto colors, including more silvery blues, metal-like finishes, deeper violet blues, and even neutrals like brown and gray will get an overhaul. She expects more greens and golds to make an appearance, as well as orange and bronze hues.

Chevy_camaro_2 I think it’s awesome. When I shopped for my car, I got the brightest, most multi-faceted color available, and I still would have liked more options for interior colors then, well, black. That was it. Black. Edelkoort’s idea of off-white with black contrast stitching would look incredible in my bright blue car, but wouldn’t’ fare well with my two mongrels, however a nice blue-y gray or a deep brown leather would also look as good, but wasn’t offered.

Check out the Forbes Autos article on Yahoo and see all of her other forecasts for auto paint colors and be prepared to be amazed. The colors sound so good… I am not sure whether I want to eat them or put them on my eyelids and go clubbing.

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