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Need Help Parallel Parking? Follow These Five #Tips

Published Nov 23rd 2016, 8:00pm by Brandy A. Schaffels in Featured Articles

five_parallel_parking_tipsSometimes, even the best drivers can use a little help with parallel parking. A few months ago I was embarassed when my effort at parallel parking a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen into what seemed like a giant space took more than a dozen attempts -- all while being watched by a gentleman with whom I was about to have a first date.

I was mortified. He said it was endearing. How kind of him...

If only I had seen the following giphy video. I might have been spared my parallel parking anxiety:


  1. Once you find a spot that looks big enough, pull up even to the front car. If your cars are different lengths, line up the back of your car with the back of the front car as best you can. STOP.
  2. While stopped, turn your wheel all the way towards the curb. ALL THE WAY.  Keep your foot on the brake so you don't move forward or backwards while doing this!
  3. Begin backing up. Your car should start turning into the spot. Deny the urge to turn your wheel away from the all-the-way-right position! Stop backing up when the right-front tire of your car is even with the rear of the car in front of you. If you imagine a line extending backwards from your car along its centerline, you stop when the right-front corner of the rear car reaches that line. STOP.
  4. While stopped, turn your wheel all the way to the left. Remember to keep your foot on the brake so your car does not move! Then back up slowly until your car swings into position. STOP.
  5. Once your car is parallel, STOP and then turn your wheel to face forwards again. drive forward slightly so you are properly positioned between the front and rear cars. Turn the car off, and exit the vehicle to admire your excellent parking job!

Remember, there's no shame in asking a passenger to get out of the car and guide you. On the other hand, with these tips and a little practice, you won't need a guide! If you can't seem to make this technique work for you, check out some additional parallel parking tips here at Quora.

By the way, once you've tackled this simple method, perhaps you'd like to give this method a try!

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