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Nearly 40 Percent Of Moms Spend Two Or More Hours A Day Behind The Wheel Of Their Cars

Published Jan 3rd 2008, 3:15pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Blink Car Care Products Help Them Tame the Mess

Trashtossers_familyshot A recent study by online mothers' community said moms are making, on average, at least three trips a day and about 40 percent are spending at least two or more hours behind the wheel of their vehicles. My best friend Carrie is one of these women. Her brand-new Honda Pilot has clocked 7500 miles in the few months she has owned it.

With trips to school, ball games, and practices, as well as daily errands and work schedules, life can get hectic and messy inside the family car. But the all-new Blink line of car care items help eliminate clutter, litter, spills, stains, and fingerprints quickly and with little effort. Each of the five products are disposable and come in handy compact packages that can be clipped onto car door pockets and seatbacks or stored in glove boxes, center consoles, or seat organizers.

Boymakingsmudges2lowres "We have become this generation of stay-in-the-car moms," said Stacy DeBroff, parenting guru, author, and founder of "And for it, our cars pay a price. But these products offer solutions to several problems moms encounter in the car."

"The car is really an extension of the home for most moms, yet due to its size, it's much harder to maintain. Research shows that moms like me are typically unhappy with the state of the family car's interior, yet the last thing we want to do is take time out of our already busy schedules to clean it. We'd prefer to spend that extra time with our families," said DeBroff. "That's why these products were designed to be within reach for quick cleaning or tidying up the vehicle in less than five minutes, quickly, easily and without hassle. Messes happen in an instant and now they can be cleaned in an instant."

Blink_group2 Blink Products include:

  • Spill Grabbers - A spill in the car can be an instant disaster, but Blink Spill Grabbers are handy super absorbent wipes that soak up spills quickly and easily.
  • Mess Lifters - Soaking up a spill is just one step for some liquids. Coffee, ketchup, dark sodas and ink can leave stains. Blink Mess Lifters wipes are designed to help take the stain out of carpet and upholstery messes.
  • Smudge Cleaners - It doesn't take long for the interior glass to get covered with unsightly smudges. "Research conducted by Honeywell reveals that moms often do not have time to clean all the vehicle window glass - but they would like something that quickly gets rid of smudges and fingerprints," said DeBroff. "Blink Smudge Cleaners combine glass cleaner and wipes into one."
  • Trash Tossers - With packaging that clips to the seat back pockets, Blink Trash Tossers offer moms easy access to a trash bag so trash can be thrown away instead of accumulating in the car.
  • Tidy Totes - It's amazing how quickly items can pile up in the car - kids' toys, diapers, sports gear and more - and all of it constantly has to be toted from the car to the house and vice versa. Traditional grocery or garbage bags can take up too much room and hide what is inside them. Blink Tidy Totes are expandable, reusable mesh bags that allow moms to keep ahead of the clutter.

Tidytotes_familyshot Over a 24-month period Blink developers conducted focus groups, ethnographies, and one-on-one interviews to find out how they could help the 24-7 mom. "We discovered that moms are not interested in traditional car care cleaning products," said Jim Brown, director, Honeywell Consumer Products Group, New Products. "There just isn't enough time in the day for busy moms to spend cleaning the family car. Plus, it's often cost- and time-prohibitive to have it cleaned professionally. The new Blink(TM) product line helps fill a market void by offering mom-friendly products that maintain order inside the vehicle, but don't require a big investment of time and money."

Tidytotes_still All five products are available at major mass retail, drug, and grocery stores, or at such online retailers as Blink Spill Grabbers, Mess Lifters and Smudge Cleaners come with 20 wipes per package. Blink Trash Tossers provide 20 trash bags, and Blink Tidy Totes come with four mesh bags to a package. To learn more about the complete line of Blink products, consumers can log onto or call 800-862-7737.

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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