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Published Feb 25th 2007, 4:41pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Proper Care For Wheels and Tires


POSTED: Saturday, February 24, 2007

Danase Bob Daniels of Danase Detailing put together this great wheel and tire care guide for the readers of Ask Patty! Read on for all his tips and tricks! Below are some techniques and steps to take when caring for your wheels and tires.

1.) Clean the wheels before you begin to wash the vehicle. The first thing to do is rinse the wheels off. This helps to cool the wheels some before starting and will knock any heavy dirt off.
*Note: Always clean wheels that are cooled and not wheels that are hot.

Wheel_rim2) Use a high quality wheel cleaner and spray that on the wheels and tires making sure to get full coverage.
*Note: Be sure to read and follow the wheel cleaner manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

3) Take a good tire brush and scrub the tire down. Then, use a good quality wheel brush and brush down the wheel. Be sure to have the proper wheel brushes on hand. Usually you will need one to brush the face of the wheel and another to reach into tight areas.

4) Now rinse the wheels and tires off with a steady stream of water from your hose. Be sure to rinse them good and not to leave any cleaner on the wheels or tires.

5) I always go back over the wheels with a soft towel to dry them when I am all done washing the car. DO NOT use the same towel you use on your painted surfaces on the tires and wheels.

Now your wheels and tires are all clean, time to shine them up!

Tire_care 6) For the tires you have several choices as far as the dressings go. Before applying the dressing, make sure that your tires are clean and dry! Follow the manufactures’ directions for applying the dressing.

7) For the wheels you can add a coat or two of a wheel wax/sealant. The wheel wax/sealant will not only shine the wheels but will help protect them and make cleaning them MUCH easier. If you put a coat of wheel wax/sealant on you will want to use a diluted amount of wheel cleaner when you wash the wheels if a wheel cleaner is even needed.

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