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Navigation - a girl's best friend!

Published Aug 14th 2006, 3:41am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

NaviI don't know how I ever survived without Navigation. Like the cell phone, it has entered my life and become an addiction that I can't, nor would I want to, get rid of. Since my car's arrival into my life in June of 2004, she has quickly become my smartest, loyalist and least judgmental girlfriend. While she may not have much of a personality and is fairly passive aggressive, she is a comfort and a true companion.

You think I am insane, don't you? Well, I will try to convince you of why, once you have a navi-friend, you will find yourself helplessly co dependent.

My navigation, which will be referred to as "she" because I use a female voice, provides the following benefits:

  • She knows the locations of all of the restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations (sooo helpful!), golf courses, malls and just about everything else built before 2004. Sure, it is sometimes annoying that the new stuff can't be located, but give me an intersection or a street address and we're off!
  • She has a pleasant and calming voice - some have a scary voice (ahem, BMW), but mine is quite nice. Even though she sometimes pipes up right in the best part of a song or during an NPR news briefing, I have to let it slide because I probably would have missed the turn! Every time I mute her voice, I miss turns - never fails.
  • She always knows how far I am from my destination and this is great for OCD people like me who previously used to calculate and recalculate my ETA with each passing mileage sign.
  • She doesn't pass judgment or get mad at me when I do miss the turn - she quietly flashes "recalculating" on the screen and finds an alternate route.
  • She doesn't get angry when I opt to forgo her suggestion and chart my own path. After a few minutes, she generally catches on to what I am doing and recalculates to match my route. I sometimes wish she would be a little tougher on me, but more often than not, I am thankful for her acquiescence.
  • At night, she has a soft glow that is sorely missed when riding in someone else's car or in a rental. I often find myself feeling lonely (and just a bit scared) when driving a non-navi rental car at night - too dark.
  • She will take voice commands from me without talking back and requiring me to take my eyes off the road - respectful and concerned for my safety!

All in all, she is the Frick to my Frack; the Salt to my Peppa; the Rhoda to my Mary. It's a no muss, no fuss relationship that I encourage all women and men for that matter, to seek out. Again, as I mentioned in my post about my vehicle, she is one of the reasons when my lease is due I may just have to purchase my car. How could I get rid of a friend who has been so good to me? What if "Number 5 is alive" and she knows that I turned her in? I wouldn't be able to live with myself...ok, maybe that is going too far. But if we ever do part ways, I'm not going to lie, I will trade up for the version with traffic routing and Zagat's ratings - hey, she's the better friend!

Erica Sietsma


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