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NASCAR Real Life Romance - Deborah and Shawn

Published Nov 8th 2006, 9:20pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles
Nascar_books Harlequin, a publishing company that specializes in romance novels has created a series of books with a NASCAR theme, "In the Groove" by Pamela Britton is the first in a series of NASCAR themed romance novels that hit the market in 2006. After all, according to a 2005 ESPN poll, 42 percent of NASCAR fans are female and are 26% more likely to read romance novels.

NASCAR Crew Chief Shawn Parker and NASCAR female race car driver Deborah Renshaw are a real life NASCAR romance and met each other at the start of the NASCAR season in the motorhome lot at Daytona International Speedway in February of 2004.

Deborahrenshawwow_2 Although Shawn and Deborah had spent many Daytona's in the infield, as fate would have it, they had parked their motorhomes right beside one another in the infield.  Deborah was there competing in the ARCA series and Shawn was there as a crew chief in the NASCAR series. 

The night they had met was Feb. 12 and Deborah had practice that day and Shawn had not made it down to Florida. Deborah had lost her "ride" with the team that day after practice and was back at her motorhome with family and friends.  During this time, Deborah and her friend, Jenny were chatting with their neighbor Jonathan and explaining the days events.  Night time came and Shawn had made it into Daytona.

Deborah and Jenny had just retired for the evening and they got a knock on the door from Shawn, at the request of Jonathan (we think).  Deborah answers the door and Shawn hands Deborah a small piece of Deb's autograph card that she had ripped up and thrown on the ground and Shawn asked her to sign it as a joke.  After about 5 minutes of talking and laughing he asked Deborah to dinner because of feeling bad of her loosing her ride.    She was in shock and said she's not sure . . . And she went inside and Jenny said she was crazy if she didn't go.   

Charlotte_sp064 Needless to say she went to dinner the very next night. . . Which was a table full of her family and friends.  The next day was their first official date,  Valentine's Day. 
We spent the day walking around Sea World and the night talking and learning of one another's special lives and tragedies we had both experienced for as long as our eyes would stay open. 

Yes, we both are forever marked by hard times, but the unexpected bonus is what we learned from the loss.  Healing from any great hurt can make you stronger, more giving, compassionate human beings.  And those are gifts that no tragedy can erase. 

People say that finding someone special usually happens "when you least expect it. "  THEY WERE SO RIGHT!   It couldn't have happen to two more special people.   

Shawn proposed on the weekend of their 2 year anniversary, February 11, 2006 at Disney World.  The same place Deborah and Shawn had their very 1st date.

Titlephoto318_14_bw Deborah and Shawn will marry on November 25th in Nashville , TN at the Opreyland Hotel and Resort.

Best wishes to Deborah and Shawn from the staff at Ask Patty!

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