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Megan Reitenour moving up in racing ranks

Published Jun 13th 2008, 6:49pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Megan_super_cup_028 Megan Reitenour is a sixteen-year-old, third generation racer.

Racing first grabbed her interest at the age of two when she used to “race” in her pink Barbie Corvette. Her Dad placed pillows behind and underneath Megan, so she could reach the pedals of the car. At age four, she advanced to a Quad Runner, and eventually to a Quarter Midget at age five.

She stayed in the Quarter Midget Series for seven years, and was able to obtain three consecutive track championships and over 150 top-three feature finishes. She spent two years in the Bandolero Series, where she won the 2004/2005 Bandolero State Championship, the Great Lakes Nationals in Flint, Michigan, and the Buckeye Nationals in Xenia , Ohio .

In 2006, she graduated to the Legend Series, where Megan finished in the top-ten in 24 out of the 26 races that she raced. In addition, she won the 2006 Young Lions State of Ohio Championship, ranking in the top 20% in the nation of the Semi-Pro Division.

Megan stepped into the Super Cup Stock Car Series and the ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck Series in 2007. 2008 will mark the first year that she will participate as a development driver for Nesbitt Racing Enterprises, Inc. Also in 2008, Megan will participate in the ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck Series.

We spoke with Megan about life, racing and what lies ahead for the high school phenom.

How did you first get into racing?

I'm a third generation race car driver. My dad got me started in Quarter Midgets at the age five, so I guess you could say it was in my genes.

Was moving from Quarter Midgets into other series a natural progression for you?

Yes, I would say moving from Quarter Midgets on to other series was some what a natural progression for me. Though with any progression that I have had there has been a lot of learning that came along with it. I've raced a variety of vehicles/series all which were pretty unique in themselves. I've learned a lot from each and I still have a lot to learn.

What are you racing this season?

I'm racing a Super Cup Stock Car and an ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck. The Super Cup Stock Car is a former Hooters Pro Cup race cars. My race car is a 2007 Ford Fusion, 3300 lbs with 600 horsepower and a five speed transmission. The ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck is a 2005 Chevy Colorado with a 4.3 V-6 engine and a four speed manual transmission.

Megan_webtt48_2 What has been your proudest accomplishment so far in your racing career?

I'm really proud of all of my accomplishments, but I would have to say my proudest accomplishment so far in my career was winning the first ever Super Cup Stock Car Race in my first race as a development driver for Nesbitt Racing Enterprises.

Is it exciting to be traveling outside of the country this year?

Yes, it will be very exciting traveling out of the country this year. I'm from a small but great town in Miamisburg , Ohio , so I'm really looking forward to the adventure.

Have you looked into joining NASCARs Drive for Diversity program to look into racing opportunities there?

This is my first year as a Development Driver for Nesbitt Racing Enterprise but of course we are pursuing all possible opportunity and options for racing. I would love to be a NASCAR Diversity Driver.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I would hope to be competitively racing in NASCAR Sprint Cup or the IRL.

Who are your racing heroes?

Well, I have quite a few racing heroes, but I will list just a few. I would have to say my top three racing heroes are Lyn St. James, for what she accomplished in racing and for what she does for women and racers in general. I think sometimes it is hard to find people that are working in the best interest of racers.

Lyn is definitely an exception to the rule. She truly cares about females and makes great strides in trying to help us.

I would also have to say Tony Stewart for his ability to race any type of vehicle, and be so competitive and successful at it. He is just truly awesome!!!

Last but not least, I would say Toby Alfrey. Toby has been my crew chief in Legends Cars and does work on my ARCA Truck. Toby is a hero to me because he is also a racer, one of the best I've ever seen. Everything he has accomplished he has done so on his own. He runs with a limited budget like myself and does all the work on his race cars himself. He is always helping people out and asks for very little in return.

Lindapic_noman2 by Linda Przygodski
Contributing Editor

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