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Marti Barletta of Trendsight Features Ask Patty in her March Newsletter!

Published Mar 16th 2007, 4:11pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom
Marti Barletta's GenderTrends News

Greetings, Friends and Fellow Marketers:

It's beginning to feel a bit like spring! Bulbs are working their way up and trees are starting to bud. I hope I am not carrying the gardening metaphor too far when I say that the seeds that I sowed four years ago when the first edition of Marketing to Women was published are flourishing. It's no longer news that women buy 80% (or more) of everything; it's considered a well established fact. And, I am starting to see the media acknowledging the spending power of PrimeTime™ and Boomer Women as well.

This issue is devoted to a some Marketing to Women resources I'd like to make sure that you are aware of. Naturally, I'm inclined to find writing by women and about women interesting but this month, it's not just about content. It's about community. Influential women are talking to each other, doing business together, and sharing information to insure the success of other women. They are creating successful new media outlets for consumers and professionals. And, of course, it's really not just women. Men play a role in both the Marketing to Women and Boomer arenas. But that's fodder for a future issue.

Those of you with a passion for online content surely can't have missed AskPatty. Creator Jody DeVere is a PrimeTime Woman™ with a passion for all things automotive. She's created an online venue where women can do research, exchange information and ask questions. Her female friendly dealer training and certification programs are one of a kind. Whether you are selling, buying or repairing cars you'll want to meet Patty. And, there are lessons to be learned from this business model for a host of other industries. In the interest of full disclosure, I've must mention that I've done a podcast for AskPatty.

Blogs make great online reading. I hope you check my TrendSightings blog now and again. But, even in this electronic age, there are times when you can't beat paper and ink. So, if you don't know Pink, you should! It's both engaging and informative. Their mission is helping professional women achieve everything they can and every issue is chock full of information including cutting edge data and emerging trends in an upbeat fun to read format. It's impossible to pick up an issue without learning something new. Click here for a free issue of Pink and a reduced subscription rate.

And for those want the latest Marketing to Women news in person instead of on line or in print, PME will be hosting their third M2W™ Conference here in Chicago on April 25 and 26. They've lined up an incredible roster of sponsors and speakers, including yours truly. I'll be presenting research from PrimeTime Women™ and demonstrate how you can apply these insights to your marketing and communications.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Warm Regards,
Marti Barletta



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FUN FACT: 57% of women (versus 37% of men) gardened within the last year. Women were also more likely to be reading literature (55% versus 38% percent). Viva la difference! (Source: Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2007)

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