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Live From the Head-to-Toe Women’s Expo: New 2008 Saturn Vue is H-O-T

Published Apr 21st 2007, 5:43pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

2008saturnvue What could truly be better than a large convention center filled with spa treatments, fancy soaps and lotions, purses, super-cute summer clothes, ultra-fluffy bathrobes, and chocolate-covered marshmallows? Um. Nothing. Seriously. Unless maybe a date with Orlando Bloom or Ewan McGregor was thrown in. Hey, to each his own right?

Well the Del Mar Head-To-Toe Women’s Expo was all that (without the sexy Aussie and Scotsman), with a few new H-O-T cars added to the mix. Saturn was there in full force with their dreamy-fast Skye Redline and the roomy new Outlook. But the belle of the ball had to be the stunning 2008 Saturn Vue. I did a double take because all of the photos I’ve seen didn’t prepare me for this luxury-looking vehicle to be parked next to, well, Saturns.

2008_vue_interior The new Vue has been redesigned from the outside in and it shows. The car has a more streamlined, European look and the steering wheel is weighty and powerful, ensconced in audio controls. The seats are comfortable and like its predecessor design, are offered in leather.  Because of the more dramatic slope of the rear of the vehicle, the cargo area suffers a bit, but the seats still fold down for those larger items.

Honestly, it looks 100 times better than the last one. It’s as if this new SUV was born from a completely different mother… AND father. The lineage is still there with safety and gas mileage and a great MSRP, but this is a whole new animal. One thing I wish they would have kept in this new iteration: the shopping cart-proof panels. When I went shopping for a Vue with my parents, the salesman handed them a hammer and asked them to hit the example Saturn door panel. They gave it a good whallop with NOTHING. It withstood it! Then he said to hit the sample “regular” door panel and bammo! HUGE dent.

Saturn, if you ever listened to me, listen to me now: We want to throw shopping carts at our Saturns, if only to say, Hey, the other day I threw a shopping cart at me car and guess what… it’s fine.

Breannecar by Breanne Boyle
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