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Spring Clean Your Car

Posted by AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women at Apr 21st, 2013 2:00pm

You've laundered all your bedding, wiped down your windows and removed lint from your dryer hose. But have you taken a peek in your garage? There's something in there you may have forgotten to add to your spring cleaning checklist... your car! Warmer weather and the prospect of summer road trips are certainly reasons to get your vehicle in good working order. People are also keeping their cars longer (the average is now 11 years), ...

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GPS For A Directionally Challenged Woman Driver

Posted by AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women at Mar 7th, 2008 9:34pm

I navigate by landmark, so directions can be very challenging. Landmarks work well when you are already familiar with a place. The bank is right next to the big old city hall that is painted yellow and I can see its big dome from afar. The entrance is right down the road that passes the front of city hall, flanked by two tall, distinctive-looking redwood trees. As I cruise around neighborhoods I know, familiar ...

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Green Tires Reduce Rolling Resistance

Posted by AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women at Mar 3rd, 2008 9:26pm

Car tires can play a role in improving our gas mileage – and regulators are starting to realize that. Tire makers are finding their industry being subjected to increasing regulations in reducing the rolling resistance of tires. One approach to achieve this is by reducing tire thread thickness to reduce rolling resistance. This regulatory approach will take some pressure off car manufacturers to shoulder ...

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