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Traveling in the Family Way: 2008 Honda Pilot

Posted by AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women at Mar 27th, 2008 6:52pm

Honda's Symphony of Organization Counters a Cacophony of Chaos It doesn't matter whether the kids are five, ten, or 15 years old; if you put more than two of them together in any sedan for more than just a few minutes be prepared for the discordance of sibling complaints: an anything-but-pleasant opera highlighted by the all-too-familiar chorus of "Moooom, he touched me!" This cacophony of whining and ...

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Cars and Curses

Posted by AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women at Mar 17th, 2008 3:29pm

My BFF recently purchased a beautiful new 2008 Honda Pilot. She made her purchase with a lot of thought, carefully researching more than a dozen cars in her price range and segment. This was the car she ultimately fell in love with, and brought home to show off to her friends amid much Ooohing and Aaahing, as we all admired its fancy new features and that wonderful new-car smell - and wonderfully absent of any stains or ...

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