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Jody DeVere featured at J.D. Power Roundtable Recap: Getting Reach on the Internet, Marketing to Women

Published Oct 24th 2008, 9:27pm by Jody DeVere in Articles Pressroom

Marketing to Women Panelists: Melanie Kovach,; Jodi DeVere,; Erica Sietsman, Mile One; Adam Wiener, driverTV

Read more about the panel at J.D.


What Marketing to Women means
    * Somewhere safe for women to shop.
    * It means there are enough female shoppers out there for us to target.


Strategies used to focus on women
    * There is a belief that dealers feel that women can't sell a car to a man and they are a walking lawsuit.  There are less than 3% of dealers who have 15% of women doing sales.
    * The culture has to be welcoming - no huddling and swearing which is common among salesmen.
    * Changing the advertising depending on where it will be advertised is key.  Message boards are where the story telling can be done for women.

What can dealers do to make more women more comfortable?
    * No one likes to shop and not know what they are doing, nor do they like to haggle.  It was important to make MileOne an informational center where women can read reviews and learn more to help empower them.  This in turn improves the shopping process.
    * You used to be able to say a woman would tell 20 of her friends about you but now she can tell 200.  It's important for a dealer to give women a place to share their thoughts.

Disagreements about Twitter
    * Twitter creates a tight bond between users, it's important to secure your name there.
    * Is twitter useful?  I think if you have a niche market it can be beneficial otherwise why would you follow a large corporation.  What will a dealer tweet about?  Do you really need to know how many cars they sold?

Are there any suggestions as to where to find women?
    * Recommend dealers to look into banner swapping.  Search for businesses in your area where women visit frequently and swap banners with them.
    * Bid on keywords.

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