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Published May 28th 2007, 11:48pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles
Posted on Monday, May 28 @ 04:24:59 PDT
The 2007 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible concept car has all the goods to make history again.


By John Grafman

I remember the time when muscle cars freely roamed the earth decades ago. As crazy as it might sound now, we thought those days would live on forever. Back then, the American car companies were the only game in town, and the only two things that mattered were bigger and faster.

The Camaro was symbolic of the time. The Chevy reached higher and higher with each passing year. Motors got bigger and more powerful, styling became more dynamic. These cars excited a country, and shaped the lives of several generations of car enthusiasts. This was the heyday for Detroit. Then the party came to an abrupt end. Gas prices, exhaust emissions, and safety standards were the equivalent of a cold shower. In turn, those cars produced prior to this downturn were elevated to legendary status.

Now it’s hard to escape asking if history will repeat itself. We’ll cut to the chase: The new Camaro Convertible concept car does have the makings of a legend. All the key elements are in place. Take the more than slightly reminiscent body style, coupled with a hearty eight cylinder motor, saddled with skyrocketing gas prices, and a government hell bent to control CO2 emissions, and what have you got?

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