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Jiffy Lube's Peace Offering?

Published May 25th 2007, 4:28pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Jiffylube_logo Jiffy Lube Service Centers are offering free “Summer Special” tire pressure checks. Sounds like Jiffy Lube is trying to win the hearts and minds of women everywhere. Hmmm, it's certainly hard to turn down anything that's offered for free, so it's probably worth the trip. Plus, who trusts those nasty tire pressure gauges at the gas station anyway?

If it means I can save a few bucks on gas, then heck, why not?

Summer is around the corner and Southland drivers are gearing up for their annual road trips.  But it seems gearing up has more to do with washing and waxing than checking tires and changing oil.

Woman_changing_tireA recent poll of more than 500 Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino county drivers shows they may not be prepared to make the long haul.  Nearly 95% said they’re concerned with their car’s appearance but only 20% pay attention to vehicle maintenance.  Even though car washes and garages seem equally prevalent, 85% of the people surveyed wash their vehicles every two months while less than half check for tire pressure as often.  In fact, 25% check it three times a year or less.

The survey also found that almost half of the drivers didn’t know whether their battery required maintenance or fluid.  A dead battery is a surefire way to ruin a road trip.

Jiffy Lube, a nationwide car care service provider, is helping Southern Californians summer-proof their vehicles by offering a free tire pressure check at local Jiffy Lube service centers.

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, low tire pressure is the cause of approximately 260,000 accidents each year.  All major tire manufacturers recommend monthly pressure checks and one right before going on a long trip or when outside temperature changes significantly.

Jiffy Lube also suggests the following tire maintenance tips:

•   Check tire pressure when the temperature is low and before driving a mile.  If driven over a mile, measure and record the under-inflation amount for each tire before driving
•    Upon arriving at a service station, measure each tire's inflation again and, if pressure has increased, adjust the amount of additional air pressure needed.  For example, if cold pressure should be 35 per square inch (psi) but started off at 28 psi, and current pressure is 33 psi, warm tires should be inflated to 40 psi.  Recheck when cold.

Proper auto care can also help save money.  The Department of Transportation found that properly inflated tires can save about 5 cents per gallon in gasoline.  With California having the highest national average at $3.478 a gallon for self-serve unleaded, drivers should make sure to check their tires when filling up at the station.

To save additional money on gas, drivers should:

•    Throw out junk - The Department of Energy estimates that drivers can save anywhere between 3 and 6 cents a gallon (based on $2.97 a gallon) just by removing excess weight from the car and trunk
•    Learn to “Cruise” - Cruise control at highway speeds, especially on long trips, can offer an average fuel savings of 7 percent
•    Don’t idle – Sitting gets no miles per gallon
•    Respect the law – Speeding, rapid starts and stops will all waste precious gasoline.  Being a sensible and safe driver can help save anywhere between 15 and 98 cents a gallon (based on $2.97 a gallon)
•    Follow the schedule – Drivers should refer to their owner’s manual for maintenance information, e.g. tune-ups, oil changes, etc.
•    Unclog filters –  Whether it’s air or fuel, cleaning can optimize fuel efficiency
•    Renew the spark – Plug, that is.  Worn ones cause inefficient combustion and wasted fuel
•    Tighten gas caps – Keeping it loose will evaporate fuel

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