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Interview with Jackie Headapohl – Editor of Voices of Chrysler

Published Aug 17th 2007, 8:45pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Divamarketing Chrysler has jumped on the blog bandwagon with their new Voices of Chrysler blog, edited by Jackie Headapohl. Jackie recently gave an in-depth interview to Diva Marketing Blog and filled us in on the background, history, the why and the where of Voices of Chrysler. We just love all the stuff over at Diva Marketing Blog that we wanted to post some of this recent juicy automotive interview!

Toby/Diva Marketing: Chrysler’s step into an open social media conversation (as opposed to the media only Firehouse blog) sends a strong signal that business at Chrysler will not be business as usual. How will the culture of blogs and social media complement the culture of the “new” Chrysler?

Jackie Headapohl: The culture of The New Chrysler is the same as the old one—scrappy, innovative, risk-taking.  The people that work here are passionate and love the car culture. We wanted to start out fresh by opening a conversation with our customers, also passionate people who love our products and cars in general. If we win some new customers over, too, that will be great! Also, even though we’re now a privately held company, we want the world to know that communication remains a high priority.

Voices_of_chrysler Toby/Diva Marketing: How will the culture of blogs and social media influence and support Chrysler’s master marketing plan?

Jackie Headapohl: Chrysler’s been using blogs and social media on a limited basis for the past few years to better connect with the marketplace. Voices of Chrysler is an extension of that. And while our past blogging efforts were mainly tied to specific marketing programs, Voices of Chrysler is an open-ended strategy to communicate with the public; it’s not really tied to a marketing effort.

Toby/Diva Marketing: Participating in a conversation – on a blog or over a cup of coffee – often times means that opposing views may occur. I noticed that Voices of Chrysler is allowing “negative comments.” Understanding that a conversation is responsive communication how will Chrysler ensure that the concerns of its community, as well as, the positive feedback and ideas are heard?

Voices of Chrysler Reader Comment: “I think blogs like these are an excellent idea. They make customers feel like the company is actually listening to them and cares about their opinion.”

Jackie Headapohl:
We feel we can learn from open and honest feedback—good or bad. Currently, we’re trying to respond to comments by posting blog entries that address the concerns/interests we see coming in. Comments that come in with specific, personal issues are being forwarded to our Customer Assistance Center for resolution. Eventually, you can expect to see blog posters responding in real time for a two-way conversation.

Go check out Diva Marketing Blog for the rest of this AWESOME interview!

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