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Interview with Callie Cline of Second Life's Motorati Island

Published Jul 13th 2007, 8:25pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

 Ask Patty has recently launched a venue (sim) in Motorati Island in Second Life! We have met some amazing women online who are automotive enthusiasts just like us! We interviewed Callie Cline of Second Life's Motorati Island and asked about her experiences in world.


ASKPATTY: What made you get involved in Second Life?
CALLIE CLINE: I was invited by a good friend, Sue Stonebender, who owns some of the most AMAZING sims in Second Life, and makes the most fantastic things I think I've seen!

AP:You eventually set up an avatar and a shop there. Why?
I created an avatar to explore the fun things Sue was telling me about. after being in the game for a long time and doing some odd jobs like photography and decorating, my SL sister invited me to make some stuff and put it up for sale in the shop I helped her make and decorate.

AP: What is your job in RL (Real Life)?
CC: I am an entrepreneur involved in the arts. I do everything from music composition, producing albums, creating characters, writing scripts, to directing and doing graphic design for various types of jobs. I also do some creative consulting.

AP: Tell us why you love Pontiac's Motorati Island in Second Life.

CC: Wow! Because there are a lot of cool people with land there who have set up some really fun places. I like the people who run it, I like the different things you can do, (like go carts) and I LOVE your Ask Patty build, and the roadside attractions. There's always something fun going on, and I totally dig having a beach club there and being able to share it with new people!!!

AP: What is your favorite SL car to drive?
CC: hmmm, well I don't drive too much, as I can FLY, but I love my pink Pontiac Solstice GXP (custom made). I also have a fun truck I like but it's hard to drive. I also have a Musashi car; a limited edition Silent Sparrow one that's quite wonderful too!

AP: What SL cars do you own?
CC: Oh my, I own so many... the Solstice GXP, the Musashi car, a bunch of vintage cars including a black VW,  a few trucks, some Plymouth cars, and I know I have even more, including some that hover but my faves have to be the VW, and the vintage cars, as well as my Solstice

AP: For fun, what car do you drive in RL and why did you pick that model?
CC: For fun? Well my most favorite car EVER was a 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible, I named her "Ruby." She was white with red interior, and I loved that car, I REGRET ever selling it!!! Back in the day I even used to work on it myself... now I’m older and my husband strongly suggested to sell the Falcon years ago because it had NO seatbelts. So now I drive a Mercedes 300E series which is SAFE and I actually like the car a lot. It’s not as fun as the Falcon, but ya know... safety first!

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