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Ice And Snow Can Bring Driving Woes But Prestone Offers Tips, Tools, And Safe Driving Rules

Published Dec 6th 2007, 5:53pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles
Ap_snow_driving_2 Though white winter wonderlands are beautiful to see, they often bring the blues with them. Bone chilling temperatures, snow storms, and icy roadways are just a few seasonal characteristics that cause some people to consider relocating to a warmer climate.

While there's not much that can be done to help those who despise winter, the hassle of preparing your vehicle for the season can be a lot easier thanks to a few winter fighting tips from the experts at Prestone.

Here's their list of do's and don'ts to keep in mind during the upcoming winter driving season.

* Get rid of the blues (washer fluid that is). Some plain blue washer fluids don't add up to much more than water and a little bit of solvent, so they can freeze on your windshield when the temps go south. Instead, fill your reservoir with Prestone De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid with Dirt Blocker. It can clear light ice and improve driving visibility.

* Change your oil. Motorists who travel short trips of less than 10 miles when outside temperatures remain below freezing should follow a severe maintenance oil change schedule. While the recommended change interval is 3,000 to 5,000 miles, a severe schedule may require more frequent oil changes. You should consult your owner's manual to learn the interval schedule that works best for your vehicle.

* Fight the freeze-over. Travel with a de-icer product. If you are not a huge fan of the exercise that goes into excessive scraping, Prestone Windshield De-Icer spray can quickly help melt frost and ice fast as well as reduce dangerous refreeze.

* Prepare for the worst. It could be devastating if you get stranded in cold temperatures. Carry an emergency kit that includes a cell phone, spare jacket, blanket, extra gloves, scarves and water for yourself and extra functional fluids for your car.

Ap_snow_driving DON'T:
* Be a speed demon. Even with a stellar driving record, keep in mind that in slippery conditions your car will not be able to stop or turn as quickly as it would on dry pavement.

* Mix hot and cold. Pouring hot water on cold glass to clear your windshield could crack it. Consider spraying your car's windows with a product like Prestone Ice and Frost Shield, also known as "The Night Before Frost Blocker." When sprayed the night before, the formula imparts an overnight barrier on the glass, thus reducing the adhesion of the ice and frost to the windshield and other glass surfaces, making it easier to clear ice, frost and snow. Ice & Frost Shield can also help prevent the formation of frost.

* Leave your gas tank on empty. During the winter it is important to keep your gas tank at least half full. Filling up your tank helps decrease the chances of moisture forming in the fuel lines and possibly freezing. If you live in extremely cold temperatures, you might want to consider purchasing a fuel additive like Prestone Gas Treatment that fights gas line freeze.

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